Animation: Fair
Depth: Fair
Design: Weak
Characters: Weak
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (24 episodes)

Vintage: 2004


» action
» comedy


What will become of our lovable anti-hero?
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Desert Punk

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Centuries after the collapse of civilization, nothing remains but a desolate wasteland. And yet people somehow continue to survive. One man who rules the wasts is said to possibly be a demon. His name is Desert Punk. As a mercenary, Punk is legendary - which is good because a guy needs to eat. He does however have a few shortcomings, one of which is his preoccupation with women. He's short, ornery and seems to only look out for himself but that's the sort of guy you need to be in these times.

Thoughts: >

Sometimes I wish that there was an adequate English word for a long drawn out sigh. So where to start in on this one. Lets start with the good. The dubbing was good. Punk himself is probably the highlight of the entire thing. That is of course good since the whole thing revolves around him right? While he is the protagonist, he's also a scumbag in a way. Which at times makes you like him even more. The series focuses on his adventures from humorous day to day operations, to the more serious plot buildup about half way through. His young sidekick also could have developed into more of a character, but in this anime never got that far.

The series is heavily action based, but the action isn't really mind blowing, it's there because it has to be. Where a lot of this goes down hill is due to the more lecherous comedic oriented stuff. The manga tended to have a humorous tinge to it, but the comedy was a bit more dark. The anime seems to have focused on that aspect, and devolved it into a flurry of boob jokes. And therein lies a big problem: the comedy wasn't all that funny. That aside, boob jokes still involve boobs so as a male I am obligated to pay attention to that, but it just still wasn't that absorbing. Really, none of it was; I didn't feel anything towards any of the characters, nor the comedy, nor was the plot engaging either. Deviating from the manga to invent an anime ending? Oh yeah, isn't that he sort of thing that ends up in disaster pretty much every time? I think there are some things in manga that just don't translate well into anime form. The landscapes when put into color really don't pan out. In line drawings that's fine, but in color it's just scene after scene of bleak arid brown. I like vibrant colors.

So to sum Desert Punk up, I found it as bleak as the wastelands Punk wanders. I got a small chuckle here and there, but it's just no where near the level I would have preferred. In my opinion mediocre at best, but if it's not your cup of tea with the boob jokes and post apocalyptic future you'll hate it.

Quote: >

Junko: I was told that I would have to make vats of his mother's pudding for the rest of my life. He'd whip me until I got it perfect.

Punk: Man that's pretty hot. Sure that guy has to pay for that, but damn I bet she looked good making all that pudding.

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reviewed by archen in 2010