Animation: Fair
Depth: Fair
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Good

Type: OVA   (1 episode)

Vintage: 1986


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Call Me Tonight

Summary: >

Ryu Sugiura has a problem. Whenever he gets aroused by a woman, an alien looking "monster" that comes out. That's no pick up line, he really does turn into a monster. Natsuki is a schoolgirl working at a phone escort service after hours. Ryu calls in and confesses his issues to her on the phone, which Natsuki doesn't believe but finds his story intriguing, so they decide to meet.

Natsuki sees Ryu's problem first hand and only becomes more interested in him, and the monster he turns into. Another girl who's a gang member hears about Ryu and wants to see the monster come out for herself. If arousal makes the monster come out, what will happen in a situation where he actually has sex?

Thoughts: >

Call Me Tonight is old school anime weirdness at its best. To some extent it's in line of older "titillation" shows, and the content somewhat reflects this with showing more skin than was allowed on TV at the time (the 1980s were fairly conservative). I'm a fan of short older quirky OVAs, and Call Me Tonight proves to be among the better ones. That's unexpected considering the premise suggests it's just trashy sci-fi.

Considering the time constraint of half an hour, the story is very focused but a surprising amount of things happen in that amount of time. The first part about Natsuki and her interest in Ryu could fill out the show by itself, but then the gang kidnapping him is thrown in. It's a weird twist for a weird show.

It's an older title, with dated designs, animation and 80s hair, but likely you're going to pick this one up because you're more curious about the story anyway. If you want an anime which is very different, Call Me Tonight is a good watch. It's short and to the point, but enough happens to make it worth picking up.

Quote: >

Natsuki: Moron, you think I'm going to sleep with a monster?

Ryu: Yeah, I guess not..

Natsuki: But I'm very... interested in you.

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reviewed by archen in 2007