Animation: Fair
Depth: Fair
Design: Fair
Characters: Bad
Story: Bad

Type: movie

Vintage: 2002


» sci-fi
» horror
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Blue Gender: The Warrior

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Yugi wakes 20 years after being put in a cryogenic freeze to a post apocalyptic world. Giant insects called the Blue now rule the earth, and only a handful of survivors remain on earth. A few million are now on a space station working to reclaim the world. Marline leads an extraction team to recover sleepers, but the operation goes bad and everyone except her and Yugi are killed. It's a long trip, but the two grow close as they slowly make progress towards the space station. Once they get there, the two are separated. What are they intending to do with the sleepers? Marline intends to find out.

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Blue Gender emerged during the last gasp of classic sci-fi anime. Unfortunately it ended up kinda bad like most of those titles often were. It had some solid ideas that were pretty cool, but failed to have much of a story or do much with its characters. Good points would show through from time to time, even if the ending wasn't among them. Could Blue Gender be saved? I guess. But as anyone who's seen Blue Gender would tell you, instead of trying to fix this show, why not try to re-do one that's worth saving? Besides that, would you want the same studio which screwed up both Tenchi Muyo AND El Hazard with "alternate versions" trying to fix this one? For those of you who just shivered, you probably don't need to read any more.

I really can't write much of a review on this. It would be a waste of time just like this "movie" was a waste of time. It basically takes footage from 26 TV episodes and tries to shove them into 98 minutes. Some new content is added, but it's mostly a matter of editing. I had assumed perhaps the entire second half would be something new, but instead that is assembled from TV episodes as well.

In the TV series, the relationship growth between Yugi and Marline was a highlight. There were also some good parts on the space station I liked as well. This movie throws all of that out. Wait, what's left? Pretty much nothing. It's a spastic edit with no breathing room that crams too much content (which wasn't great to begin with) into too little space. And the kicker is that the ending sucks just as much! The level of incompetence involved in making this is pretty sad.

Total failure.

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reviewed by archen in 2013