Animation: Bad
Depth: Bad
Design: Weak
Characters: Bad
Story: Bad

Type: OVA   (1 episode)

Vintage: 2011


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Bathing With Hinako

Summary: >

Hinako has helped you burn calories in her first training video. After that she helped you to get a good night's sleep. Hinako has decided the next activity to do together is to take a bath. Nothing perverted is going to happen here right?

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Thoughts: >

Okay, so I maybe could play along with the "intent" of training with Hinako being an exercise video. Sure. Then there was the video to help you sleep better. Fine. Now Hinako is going to teach you how to bathe. Huh?! Apparently the animation studio having writers block, didn't know how to step up the fan service to nudity in a situation consistent with the Hinako series (avoiding the obvious "Banging with Hinako"). I give them credit for managing to push this concept this far. I'm also scared they managed to push this concept this far. I don't see this show as being even remotely erotic, so I wouldn't class this as hentai.

It starts with Hinako explaining some weird stretches / exercises to do while bathing. I have no idea why you would choose bath time to do that, nor do I think that's even safe. Anyway, after listening to Hinako count out stuff for bathing exercises that don't even make sense, bathing with Hinako ups the ante by adding her loli friend to help her bathe. At least watching two girls bathe each other almost seems like there's some lesbian fantasy going on here. Well not really, it's still dull and pointless. Besides which if I had a loli to wash me I wouldn't need to know "how to bathe" she could do it for me. Or I'd just use the shower after I went to jail.

So uh... I'm not even sure what in the hell to say about this one. It's possibly the most sleazy thing I've watched in anime. Even the music is so low grade it seems even more like a skin flick. Yet, taking all this together starts to shine light on the big picture here. The Hinako series is obviously a plot to reform parts of Japanese society. How do you fix an otaku who is 1) fat 2) smelly 3) stays up all night doing nothing productive instead of having a job? You brainwash them with an anime series encouraging 1) exercise 2) bathing 3) sleep therapy. Very sneaky Japan. You have my respect!

So the quirky weirdness of the concepts of the first two videos has basically given way to this final poor showing of fan service. Not that the first two were avoiding that, but at least there was a bit of charm to the weird concept.

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Hinako: This is a secret, but did you know that Captain Hiyoko always asks when that 3D person is going to come back?

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reviewed by archen in 2012