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Type: TV   (11 episodes)

Vintage: 2017


» comedy
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Aho Girl

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Akutsu takes everything too seriously, from academics to social relationships. Unfortunately he's cursed to have Yoshiko as a neighbor. Since he was a little kid he's been annoyed by Yoshiko, who is the biggest idiot imaginable and she won't leave him alone.

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Sometimes it's hard to recommend a comedy aside from saying "just watch it". Aho (idiot) Girl is the kind of hilarious anime I can't get enough of, and fairly rare to find one I enjoy this much.

It follows the totally dysfunctional relationship between strait laced Akutsu and idiot Yoshiko, with other various characters each contributing to the comedy in their own way. My favorite being Yoshiko's mom, who seems fairly normal at first, but is very blunt about her daughters bleak future. Because Yoshiko is so stupid, her mother believes marriage is her only hope. More importantly, if she DOESN'T get married she'll basically be stuck with her daughter forever, leading her to become increasingly desperate to hook Yoshiko up with Akutsu and hilariously interfering when any other girls might be getting close to him. Which seems unlikely considering his temperament, but then again he has the morals committee president stalking him.

There are countless small comedy points that work together wonderfully in Aho Girl, which would take forever to get into. At first I thought episodes flew by because I enjoyed them so much, but it turns out episodes are shorter in length (15 minutes) than most. A lot of laughs packed into this show, making it one not to miss.

Quote: >

Yoshiko: Women seek kisses as memories, and men seek boobs!

Yoshiko: What's 5?

Yoshie: It comes after 4.

Yoshiko: Who decided that?

Yoshie: God.

Yoshiko: God is awesome!

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reviewed by archen in 2017