Animation: Good
Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Fair
Story: Fair

Type: movie

Vintage: 2000


» fantasy
» romance
» magical girlfriend
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Oh My Goddess: The Movie

Summary: >

Three years passed since goddess Belldandy came to live with Keiichi. The two live a content life with a budding relationship, unaware of the plot which may tear them apart. Belldandy's former mentor was imprisoned on the moon ages ago, and recently set free. He plots to change the universe, and needs Belldandy's help. The first step is wiping her memories of her time spent on Earth (and of Keiichi). What is his plan, and how can the two love birds stay together when she doesn't even remember him.

Thoughts: >

Ah My Goddess the movie was plagued with delays before release, only hightening the sense of hype around it, although it was mostly due to technical problems with animation. If you want the short version, it's another {anime series} "the movie" - so-so story along with big budget animation. I've never been particularly impressed with those results, and this movie proves no different.

The story is strait forward, although the antagonist is the typical "obssessed with some twisted ideal" villans I find unrealistic, and grown tired of. It plays out in the usual save the world story, aside from the key to saving the world is the love between two people.

With the delays attributed to animation, I anticipated the animation would be far better than it was. It's fluid and well done, but not breath taking by any stretch of the imagination - even a bit dissapointing with Urd's lightning attack. With the move away from traditional cell animation, designs look simplified compared to the earlier OVA, but it's otherwise attractive.

The Japanese voice cast is good, but the strength of this movie comes down to singing. Yes singing. The dub is of the typical (good) quality for a Pioneer release, although they thankfully left the songs untouched.

The overall quality of the movie is good, but I don't think it has any distinct feature worth seeking it out on its own. Certainly a good watch for fans of the franchise, but still another "the movie" anime.

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reviewed by archen in 2004