Animation: Good
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Weak

Type: OVA   (7 episodes)

Vintage: 1997


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Agent Aika

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In the future, the world is covered by water. There was a great catastrophe in which the polar ice caps melted, and much of the earth was flooded. In the catastrophe, much was lost. A few people, known as salvagers, excavate the former cities of the Earth to regain things lost to the sea. Aika happens to be one of the best. When the salvage operation Aika works for is having financial troubles, she takes on a rather dangerous espionage mission. Aika is a truly talented lady, and with her sidekick Rion helping out, and using the power of her battle-armor-brazier (a true wonder bra) surely she can get the job done. But as it turns out, she's gathering information on the thing which actually caused the great catastrophe. A mysterious object, now in the possession of a ruthless scientist who has his own agenda.

Thoughts: >

Agent Aika was basically created for one intended purpose: panty shots. Now if that sounds dumb to you, read no further and save yourself some time; because that's pretty much all Agent Aika is. The premise isn't very good but not a total disaster - flooded world, excavation agents, James Bond sort of spy theme all around. But that aside it's basically all about panty shots and as many as possible I might add. I actually counted 30 in one fight scene.

And you know, as far as that goes Aika transforms into this chick with a nice tan in a bikini. And I'd be lying if I said I had any clue what that was all about. Is that some sort of super power? I guess it makes sense in a way. In an anime that is all about panty shots, the woman who would be the most powerful would be the one who shows up only in her underwear.

Now some people were receptive to the panty shot idea, being... I donno, cute? A fun stab at fan service? For most people such as myself, it just got old quick. And when you remove the glue of 90% of this show, what is left. Well basically nothing. I would also like to say that the dubbing is absolutely terrible, save Aika (in her good moments). and a few of the extras. It's a true testament to bad dubbing.

So why should you watch this? Unless you have a panty fetish, you shouldn't. But I'm not going to give this a bottom of the barrel rating either. There's a bit of action, and it is indeed silly to some extent. And hey I enjoy a little fun in my anime as much as the next guy. But again this is all scaffolding for the panty-fest that Victoria's Secret could only dream about. As such this title stands as a sort of curiosity, and taking panty shots to the next level. No, scratch that; it takes panty shots to the limit. I also have to say that the bad guys in this show have indeed inspired me in a way. Build an army of totally hot evil women, and dress them in French Maid type outfits with super short skirts. Man that part is just pure genius.

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reviewed by archen in 1999