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Type: OVA   (3 episodes)

Vintage: 1994


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801 TTS Airbats

Also known as: Aozora Shoujotai

Summary: >

Isurugi is assigned to the 801st fighter squadron as the new and only maintenance person. The 801st is officially an acrobatic air team, but the reality is that it's a place to dump problematic female pilots with a bad record. Trying to be the nice guy in this situation backfires, as the girls take an interest in him, then proceed to fight over him. Needless to say, teamwork is a work in progress.

Thoughts: >

For it's time, this was more of the standard anime romance/comedy, however by today's standards is rather tame. It has some fan service, a love triangle involving two (and only two) of the female characters. Mix in a bit of comedy and fighter jets, and you get something pretty good although tepid.

The biggest flaw of this anime is the length, or maybe better to say that the series basically drops off at three episodes instead of concluding. As an older title, is it worth picking up? Maybe. If you're into classic anime and okay with a somewhat watered down romance / comedy, it does that well. Probably the biggest draw would be the aircraft aspect of the anime. 801 TTS Airbats is good enough at that; particularly in the way it takes the realistic approach. So when packaged as an anime, it becomes charming enough to be worth the watch if you stumble upon it, but probably not good enough to put a lot of effort into searching for it.

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reviewed by archen in 1999