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Type: OVA   (3 episodes)

Vintage: 1994


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801 TTS Airbats

Also known as: Aozora Shoujotai

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801 TTS Airbats is the story of a jet fighter squadron (In Japan this anime is known as Aozora Shoujotai - meaning blue sky squadron). The main character is a guy named Isurugi Takuya. He was assigned to the 801st to be the lone maintenance personnel. Isurugi is really excited to learn that the 801st is an acrobatic air team, but it seems that there's a bit more behind the scenes. The 801st is just a dump for female pilots who have a bad record (for various reasons). Isurugi won't be discouraged though. He's a nice guy, and he never gives up hope... Even though he was dumped on the 801st for being an otaku. Even though the first time he met some of his superiors they happened to be half naked and dressing. Even though those same pilots took a liking to him and started fighting over him (and usually only making things worse!). But if any team can pull their act together, it's the 801st ... provided there are any planes left to fly after their quarrels...

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This series sort of stands like your average romance, comedy, semi-harem type anime. However 801 TTS Airbats actually manages to mix everything in a nice package that may be more palatable to some people. In a romance/comedy sort of role you could compare this to Tenchi Muyo, however it isn't overly crazy in that way. The romance tends to take a more mild approach like Oh! My Goddess, but doesn't drag into supernatural plots and boring kindergarten grade romance. Instead what you get is an interesting mix of Comedy + Romance + Top Gun. When you combine all these elements in a well written anime you get a good pace to keep you interested.

Keep in mind however that when I say this title is more palatable towards the regular audience, that many elements of this anime also feel somewhat diluted. There is no real extreme action like say, an epic war air combat type title. The romance/story is okay, but not the sort of in depth plot that will change your life. And the comedy while amusing is not exactly the sort of thing that will make you wet your self with laughter. All things considered though I really liked this title. I wouldn't say that it's the sort of thing I would normally seek out, but I certainly felt I had seen something worth watching. Recommended for those wanting to watch some anime, wanting something a bit more... tame, and something a bit different from your run of the mill anime.

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reviewed by archen in 1999