Archen's Guide to Tenchi Muyo

After messing around for a year I finally got this Tenchi page up. Why did it take so long? Well the series is very extensive and there is a lot to cover, but I sort of lost focus on exactly what I wanted to do with this page. There are already more than enough Tenchi pages out there, so there really isn't a need for another. But after a while I realized that none of them really explained the different series all at once. I think if there is one thing I would have liked to know when I got into Tenchi, it was what the differences are between all the series. I think just about everyone who gets into Tenchi eventually gets VERY confused over all the different incarnations of Tenchi Muyo known as "universes".

So I figured THAT is what I will do: make a guide to Tenchi Muyo for people who don't know much about Tenchi, and help them get a grip over the massive anime series that is Tenchi Muyo. I don't know everything about the Tenchi series, nor do I claim to, but I think I might be able to help those out who are confused by the series (even more than me!). If your totally new to Tenchi or REALLY confused, you should probably go to Washu's Help Desk.

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