The era of the gods was ending, their once eternal rule was coming to an end. The heavens trembled as the armies of Falis : god of light, clashed with those of Falaris : god of darkness. Their perpetual battle ensued, the earth wept, the seas boiled. In the end each side had only one survivor:
Martha goddess of creation, &
Kardis goddess of destruction

When it was over, a new land was born Broken away from the rest of the continent. And the last flames of the once invincible forces of light and dark flickered and died away thousands of years have passed, and the land to the south of the continent of Alicrast has become known as
Lodoss: The accursed island

Archen's Record of Lodoss War Page

Record of Lodoss War was, and still is a very popular anime series. At first glance, the story doesn't look all that complex or involving, but by the end, you can see how truly imaginative the plot is. The story has an epic feel to it, which grips you all the way through. Today Record of Lodoss War is recognized as a true anime classic. This page is my dedication to this ground breaking anime series, which will probably never be surpassed in many respects. Note: for you new-comers to anime, this page is dedicated to the OAV series, it is NOT dedicated to Legend of Crystania, it is NOT dedicated to Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (the Lodoss TV series). I have, however; made a small section on it to dispell some confusion out there on the entire thing. It seems by the e-mail I get, that quite a few people aren't sure which series is which. While these series are no where near as good as the original, I don't think they'll tarnish the image of the OAV series.

Story / Synopsis
Laws of Lodoss
( TV, Crystania, etc )

Theme : Light vs. Dark

One of the things that I absolutely loved about Record of Lodoss War, is the conflict between light and dark. Originally I thought it was sort of your regular type of good verses evil sort of thing, but it is really more than that. The lines become blurred, and it makes you wonder exactly what is the difference between good and evil. Even though I didn't realize this until the end, this is one of the reasons I really like this series. The theme of light and darkness manifests itself in many forms.

Falaris - god of darknessFalis - god of light
Kardis - goddess of destructionMarfa - goddess of creation
Beld - King of MarmoFahn - king of Valis
The demon sword SoulcrusherThe holy sword of Valis
Narse - dragon of MarmoMycen - the golden dragon

Perhaps the most interesting conflict was between Beld and Fahn. Once they were part legend, allies and friends. Eventually their destiny led them to combat. Though good and evil choose the fate of many, another driving force exists: balance. Most clearly representing balance is Karla - the Grey Witch. I would also include Ashrum. Even though he was initially on the dark side of things, he never really defined himself as evil, simply a man with aspirations. In times evil may triumph, in times good may triumph, but perhaps balance is the most important thing.

Where good exists, so must evil exist also, when the boy realized this,
he took his first step to becoming a true hero.

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