Vampire Miyu Characters

My name is Miyu
as the last vampire
I hunt the Shinma
I am both hunter
and vampire.

A girl who was only 13 when time for her was stopped, Miyu was given the duty of hunting Shinma. Ordinary wards such as sunlight, crosses, and holy water do not affect her. As a vampire, she has the choice to kill, or bestow eternal life. Miyu needs blood of humans to exist, but shows a preference for beautiful people. Although she has a distinctly playful laugh, it's also haunting.

I have come from 
far across the ocean, 
to become the
leader of your people 
The shinma.

Larva is a western Shinma who crossed the ocean to kill Miyu before her vampire blood awoke, and to rule Shinma in Japan. The plan backfired however, and Miyu drank his blood; binding him to her. Larva serves as her willing companion, friend, and servant. He wears a mask to hide his shame, and in the OAV never speaks, although in the manga he often speaks, and without a mask.

I will find that 
devil.. my 
happiness isn't so 
trivial that it can be 
found in a fantasy
Se Himiko   (OAV)

Himiko makes her living as a spiritualist (and not with the psychic hotline either). She uses her abilities to investigate instances where no one else can help. She is a very logical, levelheaded person, and despises Miyu because she's a vampire. Eventually she begins to seek out Miyu in order to find answers, although some of the answers she gets, she will not like...

Are you crying?
I feel the pain
in your heart.

Yui is a young girl is part Shinma, part vampire, and part Shi (another sort of supernatural being). Yui also has a duty, which is to awaken her sister Yuki who is in eternal asleep to protect a magical lake. Yui however is not strong enough to do this yet. Yui is much more ... human in character, and emotion than Miyu. She's not the predator that Miyu is, and in fact Yui is often the intended victim. She has her own series, but makes appearances in Vampire Miyu.

TV Characters


Very energetic and full of life, Chisato is a very vibrant cheerful girl. While you would think her personality would be completely at odds with that of serious and stoic Miyu, her charm wins even Miyu over. Chisato and Miyu become friends rather quickly even though Chisato finds Miyu to be a tad bit strange at times. One rather interesting casual remark she makes to Miyu is: "You talk like my grandmother sometimes..."


Yukari is cited to be a very strong girl, both physically and in will. While a bit rough around the edges, and occasionally too blunt, she's still a caring person. In the typical anime formula she wouldn't be all that smart, but this is not the case. Yukari was already friends with Chisato, and Hisae before Miyu arrived, and is unsure of what to think of the new transfer student.


Hisae is the brains of the bunch you could say (where as Chisato is the motivation, and Yukari the brawn). Hisae is said to be a bookworm, and she looks the part. She is well spoken, and very analytical. If anyone would know anything about a subject, it would probably be Hisae.


Reiha is a snow demon who has been acquainted with Miyu for some time. Although she is always very polite to Miyu, the two are at odds with each other. Reiha would also like to do away with stray shinma (because they make real super natural beings look bad). Where as Miyu has sympathy and compassion for humans (at times), Reiha has none, and does not value human life. She carries around a very opinionated doll as her companion.


Shiina is a minor shinma, who along with Larva is a companion of Miyu. Shiina however is the newcomer on the scene, for which Miyu often teases it. While not having any real fighting power, Shiina can see through any guise using the eye which is often hidden by it's ear. It can also often break certain powers of other shinma. Shiina has a very 'down to earth' view of the world.

Western Shinma (manga)

  • Night Gia
  • Cait Sith
  • Lemunia
  • Lemures
  • Carlua
  • Pazusu
  • Amy
  • Water Lipper
  • Spartoi
  • Caial
  • Gima
  • Gigi
  • Gia
  • Gio

Shinma are beings who are both god and demon. Larva was one of the first shinma that Miyu encountered, but many more shinma from Larva's clan eventually followed. All of them are intent on doing away with Miyu (or Yui), but things often take a curious turn along the way...

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