The Underwear of Mahou Tsukai Tai

So what is behind the scenes of Mahou Tsukai Tai? By that I mean what's REALLY behind the scenes. Ever wonder what the characters underwear looks like? Probably not. Well if that's true, then why are you on this page? Yeah, exactly. Fortunately, Takeo's overactive imagination may give us a few insights.


Aikawa has a good sense of fashion, and her underwear proves no different. Semi dressy, and light blue - the sort of thing you'd expect from a model.


Amazingly, Sae's underwear does NOT have teddy bears on them!


You'd think that since she's so uptight she'd wear something more simple. It must be all that repressed love.


Well lets not go too far. Who knows what sort of kinky underwear Ayahojyo has on..

And Takeo Takakura himself?

Well I wouldn't want to give people nightmares...