Mahou Tsukai Tai OVA

A Story about Magic, Love, and a giant cylinder from space...

I'll Follow You!

Takeo and Ayanojyo wait at a dock near the sea for the rest of the magic club to arrive. Takeo once again tried to impress the girls by claiming that he was going to get rid of the Bell. Just as all looked clear because the rest of the magic club is absent, Sae shows up. Soon after Nanaka also shows and tries to convince Sae to leave the club as they had planned, but Sae decides to go with Takeo anyhow. Since they are committed, the magic club fly out on their brooms to meet the Bell. On their way, they encounter drones from the Bell. Very curious drones I might add...

A Magic Club Departure

For quite a while, the magic club and the manga club have shared the same room, separated only by a divider. But upon Takeo's inspection, it seems that the divider moves every week so that the magic clubs portion gets smaller. Takeo decides to talk to the manga clubs president - after all, he has the rest of the club on his side. Unfortunately Sae and Nanaka have decided to quit (well Nanaka decided). Luckily, with a little magic distraction, the manga clubs president is left disoriented, and Takeo lives. Good enough for the moment, but as the Bell takes notice of the situation, things become more complicated. Can the magic club rid the school of the investigating drone, or will Miyama be at their mercy?

Magic Is So Easy Isn't It?

The magic club once again gathers in their room. Today they're going to try to use a new magic: one that shrinks matter. Try as the club might, they can't quite get it to work. Oddly enough Akane shows up (to change clothes) and does the trick effortlessly. Later that day, Sae and Nanaka walk home from school and run into Akane who is trying to escape one of her dates. Akane uses her magic on him, so that she doesn't have to deal with him. Sae tells Akane not to do such things, but Akane simply replies that Sae is jealous of her abilities. Akane then goes home to retire for the evening when a visitor from the Bell appears. Will the magic club be able to save her? Or will she have a nice alien abduction story to tell her grandkids?

I wish you... w-what?

Training at the school is nice, but Takeo manages to get the club onto a nice beach to practice their broom flying skills, and rehearse some magic. As it turns out, the girls could certainly use the practice. Even Akane shows up for a change. Unfortunately a dark evil force is near by.... Miyama Mizuha the manga club president! It turns out that she's tortured Takeo since he was a kid. In order to make her leave the area, Takeo agrees to preform a magic show for the manga club party. Takeo and Sae preforming for a party? Surely this is a formula for disaster...

I see, we are the same...

Things seem rather normal for the magic club, well as normal as things can get since the Bell has taken an explicit interest in the area. Akane is convinced to read the thoughts of the Bell, and discovers that it has decided to investigate magic... and capture a specimen (a user of magic) for eternal freezing and analysis. The members of the magic club all manage to escape the Bell's detection for a time, but eventually Sae's bear Jeff, gives her away, and a drone captures her. Try as he might, Takeo cannot stop the machine from taking her away, but that doesn't mean he's going to give up.

Just Believe In Yourself

Sae has been abducted by aliens and it's up to the magic club to rescue her. Unfortunately the rescue attempt goes haywire and the magic club ends up in the clutches of the Bell, while Sae is freed. Now it's up to her to rescue THEM. But how can Sae alone rescue her friends from a titanic alien ship like the Bell? Thus it draws close to the final battle between the Bell, and the magic club. But fear not, even something as insignificant as a small stuffed bear may tip the scales in Sae's favor.

Mahou Tsukai Tai - TV

  1. Sae, the Magic Club, and the Cherry Blossom Tree
  2. Nanaka, a Cake, and the Dangerous Evening
  3. Aburatsubo, Morning Face, and the Parent Teacher Meetings
  4. Sae, The Bathroom, and the Door
  5. Akane, the Hiccups, and a Strange Relationship
  6. Takakura, Origami, and the Secret Date
  7. Sae, a Tomato, and the Dance of the Paint Brush
  8. Alice, Railroad Tracts, and the Cracker
  9. Kimonos, Short Shorts, and the Age of Joy
  10. Snow, the Colt, and a First Kiss
  11. Akana, the Mirror, and the End of Year Sale
  12. The Kite, the Whirlwind, and Micky
  13. Sae's Magic, Sae's Feelings, Forever