Miyama Mizuha

Miyama is the bossy overbearing president of the manga club. She and Takeo go back a long way and she's been tormenting him since he was a little kid. While noted for being pushy and having huge breasts, she's not well respected. It's also hinted that while she picks on Takeo, she secretly likes him. Once the Bell takes notice of her, Miyama believes that she has been chosen to represent the Earth.

The Bell

The Bell is a mysterious cylinder which appeared from space years ago. While entering the Earths atmosphere, the armies of the world tried to stop it, but all the weapons proved worthless. It began traversing the skies of Earth while occasionally launching drones to investigate things. Since the military couldn't destroy it, and the Bell didn't seem to harm anything, people left it alone, and became accustomed to it, and its drones.

The true purpose of the Bell is to evaluate the Earth for invasion. At the heart of the Bell is controled by separate red and blue aspects, and the two must agree for any action to be taken. The two are currently at a stalemate over a disagreement about magic which they do not understand, and continue to investigate while in constant debate about the invasion.

Due to its gigantic size, the Bell uses drones to probe the earth. Drones come in four forms:

  • The largest looks like a giant black top. It uses long tentacle sensors with cameras attached to the end. As it hovers, the snake like appendages look in all the places it cannot go.
  • The most common are the sphere types. These large black probes are found all around the earth, high in the air all the way down to city streets. They use a single visual lens to observe things.
  • The third type is a black manikin like drone with a single optic on its head. Although they appear unsteady, they're actually quite fast and surprisingly agile. This drone type requires others to drop them into place, and cannot fly on their own.
  • The fourth type is like the third in appearance, except it can fly through use of helicopter blades on top of their head (which fold up when on the ground). The fourth type also has a beam weapon which can disintegrate matter.