Sae Sawanoguchi Age: 16 Sophomore

Sae is an enthusiastic, although clumsy and accident prone girl. She joins the magic club due to her interest in magic, and her interest in Takeo. Their relationship seems to be at an impasse, as Takeo tries to be an examplementary upperclassmen who wouldn't take advantage of a younger girl. As a young girl Sae encountered a magician named Jeff who presented her with a small stuffed bear (which she also calls Jeff). She's been interested in magic ever since. Sae's magic is probably the most powerful in the club, but her lack of self confidence limits her abilities, and her wandering mind often makes her spells go haywire.

Akane Aikawa Age: 15 Freshman

Akane is a natural for magic, with spells requiring little effort on her part. She's a listless girl who shoes little interest in the club itself, and rarely attends meetings. Partaking in club activities is also difficult due to her busy schedule with modeling and dates. Akane is carefree, to the point she's almost absent minded. She's somewhat selfish, sometimes using magic for the wrong reasons and earning lectures from Takeo about using magic for the greater good. Her magic has a side effect of spinning what her magic was acting on.

Nanaka Nakatomi Age: 16 Sophomore

Nanaka and Sae are childhood friends. Nanaka doesn't like the magic club, and often nags Sae to leave with her. Sae however is resolute in staying a member, partially because she falls for Takeo's boisterous claims. Nanaka's does have a stake in the magic club, due to her crush on Ayanojyo. Over time she accepts she'll never escape from the club, and has a more positive outlook. She has an average aptitude for magic

Takeo Takakura Age: 17 Junior

Long ago Takeo found a tome about magic. Now a teenager, he created a club for magic at school. As he has the most experience, he attempts to be a good senior and club leader, but often doing a poor job at both. His overactive imagination tends to go out of control when anything risqué is implied. Takeo is romantically interested in Sae, but struggles to make progress as he's bad with girls. The reason for his lack of confidence goes back to his childhood, when Miyama Mizuha would torment him, and she continues to do so as the president of the manga club. Takeo is often on the defensive from Ayanojyo's flirtatious behavior.

Ayanojyo Aburatsubo Age: 17 Junior

Handsome, sophisticated, and good at just about everything; it's unsurprising Ayanojyo has a fan club of adoring girls at school. Which is too bad for them as Ayanojyo bats for the other team so to speak, and is interested in Takeo. Although he's accustomed to his friend's risque daydreams, he still gets jealous of his (often accidental) interactions with girls. Despite his near playboy like exterior, he's quite kind, considerate and understanding. His strength in magic is about average, but he's the best broom pilot of the club.