Misato Suguru had lived by himself for years now since his parents passed away. Eventually his house looked like some sort of biohazard catastrophe, so Suguru decided that it might be a good idea to hire a maid. Having a nice old lady around to help clean would be a much needed improvement in his life. But to his surprise he instead ends up with a young ultra-cute maid named Mahoro who isn't much older than he is. Suguru finds out that this isn't the only surprise he's in for as Mahoro is actually a retired anti-alien combat android.

And as you can imagine, things get more complicated from there...

While looking like a completely mediochre title from outward appearences, this title struck me as rather charming and different. While oriented towards comedy, the series is somewhat serious as well. By the end of the first 12 episode series, you still wonder about the relationship between Mahoro and Suguru, and you're still not sure what will happen to Mahoro. The unique approach of the series, and unusual humor that is slightly perverse, but not in the way most anime titles would do it - all makes Mahoromatic a series that stands out.

Mahoromatic was distributed by Pioneer, which became Genon, which passed it off to Funimation for distribution in the North America. Mahoromatic also has an offical site

While I was looking at the insert on the third DVD, I noticed a bit of color on the cover from the other side. With closer inspection I found that the Pioneer DVD covers have reversable cover sheets! The reversable covers are a bit more... revealing. (DVD 1 does not have a reversable insert).

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