time and time again,
the words cling together
to form an enchanting bond of poetry
if the dwindling time is spent
gazing upon such text
am i to become enlightened as well?

Satellite Poem : [1]

today is sunny
so i should dry the bedding
in the garden where the hydrogenas bloom
it might rain tommorow
so i'll hang it out today
i hope i'll have pleasent dreams
with the scent of the sun
if the futon is soft enough, can it embrace you?
i wonder if it will embrace you softly and warmly

Satellite Poem : [2]

the snow faintly gathers
the rays of sunshine pour in
and the crystals twinkle
the purity
and pure shine
covered in tranquility
in the front of your house
my mind goes blank
my cheeks slightly flush
as the snow quietly falls

Satellite Poem : [3]

round yellow moon
please tell me,
who is he thinking of?
i've been with him so long,
but recently i don't understand him
but when i see his smile,
it fills me with joy
round yellow moon
please tell me
will my hopes come true?

Satellite Poem : [4]

every day relax
and nap in the garden
is the food ready yet?
i'm really stuffed
it's time for my walk
when i look inside,
master and mahoro are getting along well
master and skijo-sensei are getting along well also
i wonder if there will be someone to get along with me.

Satellite Poem : [5]

floating, spinning, floating
a white fairy danced down
and kissed me on the cheek
the world is a white cotton field
eventually everyone will go away
one day I will go away
will I remain inside of everyone?
will I remain inside of you?
floating spinning floating
a white fairy danced down
and kissed me on the cheek

Satellite Poem : [6]

i'm not good at talking about love,
but leave taste testing to me
don't tell me i prefer eating to romance
growing girls have a good appetite
chicken rice and crab salad
hot cakes & cutlet sandwitches
when I refreshed my taste buds
with hakisoba from a food stall
the main dish was a yakiniku party
the long awaited desert was
a legendary chef's special
eatin in one large bite

Satellite Poem : [7]

sunday, a sunday i've seen once upon a time
somehow bright and sunny
somehow soft and calming
i hear someone whistling from a neighbors house
and i hear the sounds of a car from the alley
a sunday i've seen once upon a time
there is nothing there
but what do i feel?
what should i call this feeling?

Satellite Poem : [8]

let's take a walk
let's walk on sunny days like this
we'll chase after kitties
greet the full sun
we'll smile at the clear blue sky
singing to the gentle wind stroking our cheeks
let's take a walk
we'll jump over puddles
let's take a walk
we'll bring a lunch
let's take a walk
together you and i

Satellite Poem : [9]

why do you not notice
my beutiful flower petals
blooming in their full glory?
your unique color,
your unique flavor of honey
please become my unique butterfly
is the thing affecting my jealousy
the reverse side of loneliness?
my unique you
please look only at me
make me your only flower

Satellite Poem : [10]

night is a dark world
where nothing can be seen
a world where the starts take action
a world where we live: the shining night sky
stars that span the entirety of the universe
i wonder, why do you shine so?
in the universe, spreading farther and farther
what are your friends doing?
i think of this, as I gaze upon the starry sky

Satellite Poem : [11]

a leaf will fall upon the lawn
leaves will fall and fall and pile up
the wonderfully sweet yams I recieved from the store
i think of a good plan
i plunge the yams wrapped in foil
into the pile of falling autumn leaves
i try to imagine how the two of us look
huffing on them when you finnaly return home
i hope you get home just when they're done
i hope you get home just when they're done

Satellite Poem : [12]

in the blue of the sky and the green of the land
a light rain just created a rainbow
i feel the whisper of leaves caress my cheek
it leaves a passing chill
summer will never return
but the memories of summer warmth
will shine on me always,
whenever you think of them.
i will be able to walk
even in a world of ice.
a brand new season wrapped in red
is just before our eyes
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