Suguru Misato

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Suguru is a character much in the tradition of the central young male character in this sort of anime. He is a kind hearted boy who is often picked on, but is somewhat brave none-the-less. Suguru is quite smart, and already girls are taking a liking to him. One thing Suguru is NOT good at is cleaning his house - or what you can see of it under the piles of "stuff". It's unclear if he feels something towards Mahoro, or if it's just his hormones talking. He does care for her, but as for love... it's hard to say. As Suguru gets older, he takes after his father more and more. The question is, what will Suguru think if/when he finds out about how his father really died...


Everything I needed to know about life I learned by watching maids in movies

Once a combat android who destroyed masses of alien invaders. Now retired to a life of cooking and cleaning. While having faced the horrors of combat, Mahoro is still surprisingly naive when it comes to how normal people live. By learning about maids from movies, Mahoro was left with a disturbingly idealistic view of many things. Luckily Mahoro tends to mellow a little as things progress. When first introduced to her, it seems like it was mere chance that she comes to live with Suguru, but as the story evolves; we find out that she intended to help HIM all along after her retirement was announced. Mahoro's feelings towards Suguru are in many ways unclear. In some respects she is just his maid, in other ways his mother, in others his friend, and perhaps even much like a would-be girlfriend. Her guilt over Suguru's father eats at her constantly, yet she feels the need to keep the secret as she believes Suguru will surely hate her when he learns the truth. Still Mahoro feels that she needs to make amends for her past in her time left, regardless of how Suguru will eventually feel about her.

Shikijo Sensei

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Miss Shikijo is the sex bomb teacher every hormonally overcharged boy wishes he had. And make no mistake, none of the boys in this anime are complaining, least of all Suguru. Yet somehow Suguru's attentions were drawn elsewhere. At first it seems like Miss Shikijo is simply bent on being the center of attention (that includes Suguru's attention). But as it turns out, she has a fixation on her pupil. While that might sound a bit perverse, it suits her character perfectly. Unfortunately Miss Shikijo is starting to feel the creep of age in her bones, which only stacks against her in respect to her rival Mahoro. Speaking of 'stacked', Shikijo's 'assets' are truly something to behold (not that you could avoid beholding them considering their size) and Miss Shikijo makes it a point never to let Mahoro forget it!

The Guys:

being background characters isn't all it's cracked up to be

Although supposedly Suguru's good friends, both Toshiya and Kiyomi are simply background characters. Which is even more odd since they both tend to participate in group events when the three girls are involved. Well perhaps background character is a bit much, they're more like foreground filler characters - they're around, but they do nothing for the story or plot. Both of them are very fond of Mahoro.

The Girls

you'd think we'd be too young to be a victim of shameless anime fan-service..

Although it's obvious that each of them likes Suguru, they pretty much confess it to Ryuga later in the series. Chizuru is the dense blond girl who is a total glutton. She adores Mahoro's cooking and can identify what restaurant her cooking most tastes like. Rin is the timid girl with long black hair, and is probably the most feminine of the three. Miyuki is the outspoken girl with short blue-ish hair. Miyuki's father tends to think of Suguru as the son he never since all his children are girls.

Ryuga / Saint

I borrowed my battle suit from some 80's anime

SAINT is the name referred to the alien invaders. It's actually rather weird as SAINT is referred to more like some sort of top secret evil organization ... which supposedly there has been no communication with. What is SAINT up to? Well that's a bit too in depth to go into detail here. Suffice to say they want to take over the world. And the strongest warrior of them is known as Ryuga. Ryuga was defeated during his first confrontation with Mahoro, but she let him live. Since that time he has been obsessed with her defeat.


the super secret anti alien organization with a household services division

Vesper is the organization created to combat the aliens. Not only do they fight the aliens, but they also make it a point to cover up the fact that the earth is being invaded. While Vesper created Mohoro as a tool for fighting the invaders, most of them became rather attached to Mahoro. One of the people who Mahoro talked most to was commander Misato, who was Suguru's father.

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