Name:          Kaola Su
Age:           13
Blood Type:    O
Height:        151 (cm)
Measurments:   75B - 55W - 83H
Hinata Inn:    Room 301

Describing Su as hyper-active would be an understatement. She's like a mix of mad scientist, belly dancer, and kung-fu fighter. Su is a foreigner often thought to be from India, but she's actually from a small island nation in the Pacific called Molmol. It's not clear why she came to Japan, but it's hinted her relatives didn't approve. Over the years her Japanese language skills improved, however when she encounters a word she doesn't understand, she asks if it tastes good (assuming everything else is food!). Su gets "attached" to a specific person, requiring a lot of endurance. At first this was Kitsune, but with Su's never ending energy, she was quickly worn down. After Mokoto's arrival at Hinata Inn, Su took to her immediately. The two become a strange pair, with Su's carefree personality contrasting with Motoko's traditional serious nature.

When Keitaro became manager, other girls became nervous, upset, or both. Su on the other hand accepted him right away. She doesn't care if he's a pervert, and is fine showing off her underwear voluntarily. She likes to hang off Keitaro, which Naru shrugs off as "Su likes everyone", although her jealousy is pretty obvious. In her spare time, Su likes to create mechanized gadgets - which are equipped with self destruct buttons as standard issue. Ketaro is often subjected to the wrath of these creations, but is fortunately very durable.

Although Su supposedly "likes everyone", it seems her feelings towards Keitaro are a bit different. According to Kanako's affection chart, Su is ranked second only to Naru. Later it's revealed that Keitaro reminds Su of the older brother she adored. Somehow this is also tied in to Su transforming during a red moon into an older incarnation of herself.

In Anime Form

In the anime, her older sister appears along with Su's first transformation It turns into a magical girl satire, when she gets weird magical powers too. Su's movements are sometimes accompanied by background whistling (not sure why).

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