Name:          Shinobu Maehara
Age:           13
Blood Type:    O
Height:        147 (cm)
Measurements:  68B - 52W - 72H
Hinata Inn:    Room 201

A rather shy and timid girl; Shinobu is the youngest of the Hinata Inn residents. She lives at Hinata Inn due to family problems, the details of which are never revealed in the manga, but revealed in the second episode of the anime. When Keitaro arrived Shinobu remained relatively neutral towards him. Initially she believed he was a Tokyo U student, but when she finds out the truth, she feels betrayed and shuns him. After this is resolved she grows to have a schoolgirl crush on him. When the other girls notice this, they and grow very protective of her, although Keitaro isn't aware of the situation.

Things get complicated for Shinobu, as Naru and Keitaro grow closer. While she thinks their relationship is a good thing, she can't deny her own feelings either. Shinobu also becomes flustered whenever the topic of Keitaro and romance are brought up - even if it's only a product of her imagination!

Shinobu is a superb cook, and excels at any household task. Although she's still young, she's already considered quite pretty. As if Naru didn't have enough pressure from the other girls making a grab for Keitaro, there's also Shinobu who will one day flower into a beautiful woman, and ideal wife. Too young now? Yes. But in a few years...

In Anime Form

In the manga, she already lives at Hinata Inn when Keitaro arrives. In the anime Shinobu is introduced in the second episode. She's caught in the middle of a messy divorce, and stays at the Inn to remain neutral. In the anime her cooking skills are explained by her parents owning a restaurant.

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