Name:          Noriyasu Seta
Occupation:    University Professor
Subject:       Archeology

The luckless Keitaro couldn't find a job, until he encountered a reckless happy-go-lucky guy a professor at Tokyo University named Seta. He also happened to need an assistant. It's a bit ironic that Keitaro tries so hard and fails many times to gain enterance to Tokyo U, only to get a job there by chance. Despite teaching at such a prestigious school, Seta doesn't have the strait forward acedemic mind one would expect. Few could take misfortunes (such as being on fire) in good humor as he can. Consistent with his absent minded nature, he's a total hazard when driving. Seta failed Tokyo University enterance exams three times in his younger years, and he considers himself proof anyone can get in if they tray hard enough. Seta is also known for chain smoking Marlbo cigarettes.

Seta is often accompanied by his bratty daughter Sara. As an archaeologist, he goes on long trips, so they're often apart. Even so the two are quite close. Little is said about Sara's mother, other than she died when Sara was very young. As a single father, he occasionally leaves Sara in Keitaro's care, although she doesn't seem to like him much (but takes a liking to Su).

Seta's past is pretty wild, but never explained in detail. The vague hints go something like this: In his younger years, Seta made Indiana Jones look like an amateur. Seta set off (with other adventurers) to do an archaeological excavation, which involved an ancient culture that worshipped giant turtles. Seta got involved trying to stop an secret cult from taking over the world. The specifics aren't clear, but it him and his comrades storm a secret base, and receive a magical shovel (no I'm not making this up!). These events also seem to be related to his martial arts skills. In fact Seta is one of the few people to defeat Motoko, and suspiciously knows about her secret technique.

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