Name:          Naru Narusegawa
Age:           17
Blood Type:    B
Height:        163 (cm)
Measurements:  83B - 56W - 86H
Nata Inn:      Room 304

If Naru were a book, it would certainly be Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. She's an attractive girl who looks like she'd be popular, yet she's also a bookworm. She's seems quiet and gentle, but is in fact loud and violent at times. While she is the female lead in the series, very little is said about her past. She stays at Hinata Inn due to unspecified family problems. She's been at the in for years, and attended the same (junior high) school as Kitsune. The only other background info known is that she had a crush on a tutor that attended Tokyo University. This tutor made a big impression on young Naru, and she decided to attend Tokyo U as well. He may be the person taught her a few martial arts skills. At the time Naru's grades were poor, but by the time Keitaro meets her, she is rated as number one in the nation on aptitude tests.

Then Naru meets Keitaro. Naru begins as the biggest opponent to Keitaro staying at Hinata Inn, but somehow ends up his biggest supporter. As he is also trying to get into Tokyo U; the two begin studying together. Eventually Naru finds she likes studying with Keitaro, although their relationship is a little awkward. At first she shows little interest in him, aside from kicking his ass when it looks like he's up to no-good perverted activities. As things progress, she warms to him but gives mixed signals. One minute she can't stand him, the next she is sweet and kind to him. She's willing to storm buildings and find him on desert islands, but unwilling to admit she's fallen for him. While Naru flat out rejects implications she and Keitaro are a couple, she still gets extremely jealous when he receives attention from another girl.

In the beginning none of the girls like Keitaro much except for Naru, but as things progress the situation completely turns around. Keitaro starts to take charge of his life and he becomes a pretty good catch for a girl. The other girls are aware of the situation with Naru, but begin to tire of her indecisiveness. Eventually they start to directly compete with her. Can Naru be honest with herself and admit her feelings, or will she just let him slip away? Letting him slip away might be tougher than it sounds when all the other girls are hanging off him right in front of her.

In hindsight, Naru regrets not having more fun in school. Instead of joining clubs, hanging out with friends, or getting a boyfriend, she spent all her time studying, which caused her to become severely nearsighted. She now needs glasses to read, and is sensitive to people teasing her about her specs. With all that effort put into the Tokyo U entrance exam, failing to get in was a severe blow. Over time she finds getting into Tokyo U perhaps isn't as important as she thought, and she looks back fondly on her time spent as a rounin. There's also the question of what she'll do after graduating college. During a trip to Okinowa, Naru finds she has a knack for teaching. Much like Keitaro's calling in life being archeology, Naru finds she's drawn to teaching as a profession.

In anime form

In the anime Naru is more or less the same, although the anime tends to go off into strange tangents involving Naru. One episode introduces a "rival" to Keitaro named Kentaro, who is a rich know-it-all perfectionist. Also in the anime Naru ends up with a brief career as a pop idol. (Don't quit your day job Naru).

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