Name:          Mutsumi Otohime
Age:           20
Blood Type:    ??
Height:        165 (cm)
Measurements:  90B - 56W - 85H
Hinata Cafe:   Second Floor 

A cheerful yet awkward girl, Mutsumi is also trying to get into Tokyo University like Naru, but has somehow fail as many times Keitaro. She's kind hearted, well intentioned, and has a warm presence quickly winning over others. She also absent minded to the extreme - to the point where it seems hopeless she will ever attend Tokyo U. But there is more to her than meets the eye. As it turns out Mutsumi is in fact a genius of sorts, only failing Tokyo U exams because of absent minded things like forgetting to fill in her name. Her other defining attribute is her physical weakness. Mutsumi often faints at awkward times, and requires a lot of rest.

Mutsumi gave the relationship between Keitaro and Naru the push needed to get it going, since they obviously couldn't get things done themselves! From the beginning, Keitaro and Mutsumi instantly clicked. Both failed to get into Tokyo U, and they even have the same hobby (taking pictures in photo booths). They seem so much alike, Naru suspects they MUST be related some how. It didn't take long fo the two to get close, as Mutsumi is fond of Keitaro, and he likes attention from any girl.

Yet for some reason Mutsumi doesn't outright go for Keitaro, even after she confesses to Naru that she loves him. The two seem destined for each other, which becomes a dilemma for Naru. Either she makes up her mind, or risks losing him to Mutsumi. And STILL Naru hesitates. It becomes apparent that Mutsumi wants Keitaro and Naru to be together for some reason. Despite her absent minded appearance, she may be the best hope for the two finally getting together.

Mutsumi is from a large family in Okinawa. When she departs for home, she gives Keitaro and Naru a present. This is Tama-chan the "hot springs" turtle. Much to the dismay of Motoko, who happens to terrified of turtles.

In Anime Form

For some reason Mutsumi has a thing for watermelons. When she moves to Tokyo, she brings an entire pile of watermelons, but no furniture! Mutsumi's catch phrase is "ara" which means something like "Oh my" in Japanese (feminine only).

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