Name:          Motoko Aoyama
Age:           15
Blood Type:    A
Height:        173 (cm)
Measurements:  86B - 56W - 84H
Hinata Inn:    Room 302

If Motoko were a flower, she'd be a rose: lovely to admire from afar, but prickly up close. Motoko comes from a traditional family based in Kyoto which has taught kendo for generations. Life at the dojo insulated her from men, and she has difficulty dealing with them. When her elder sister married, Mokoto found it hard to cope with the situation, and moved to Tokyo rather than be in the presence of a man. This worked well for a while, until Keitaro became manager of Hinata Inn. Again she was forced to deal with a man, and a despicable example of one in her opinion. As such, she feels it's her duty to punish Keitaro for unacceptable actions.

Much of Motoko's personality arises from the juxtaposition with her relation towards the sexes. While she looks down on Keitaro for being un-masculine; she is at the same time un-feminine. Her problem isn't only dealing with men. It's also with accepting herself as a girl. Motoko is quite attractive and her height only adds to her elegance. This gains her even more male attention, which is the last thing she wants, so she puts on a fierce outward appearance to ward off would be admirers. Any man not convinced by her cold aura will certainly get the point after being the victim of a martial arts attack. Any man except for Keitaro that is.

No matter how cold and cruel Motoko was to Keitaro, he always treated her with kindness and acceptance. While she scolds Keitaro for not being man enough, Keitaro is fine with Motoko being herself. Previously she viewed things as black and white: a choice between the way of kendo, or that of a feminine girl. Yet with Keitaro's acceptance, she wonders if perhasp the two can co-exist. Unfortunately, Motoko's new found femininity comes with consequences, as she develops a crush on Keitaro. Not that she would ever admit it.

Motoko's family has a long tradition of dispelling evil spirits, and specializes in a technique which can cut through objects (and clothing!) while leaving a person in its path unharmed. Love Hina being what it is, this usually leads to fan service. While she's perfected this technique and a skilled swordsman, Motoko isn't even close to her sister's level. Later her sister reveals Motoko could exceed her own power if she lived up to her potential. However Motoko will never realize her true power until she is honest with herself, and stops bottling up her feelings. This unfortunately (for Motoko) includes confessing how she feels to Keitaro.

Motoko's favorite weapon is the katana, and she keeps one at her side at all times. After a harsh defeat by her sister, Motoko's original sword was shattered. Keitaro dug through his family heirlooms and gives Motoko a katana of the Urashima family named Hinata Urashima. For kendo purposes, Motoko wraps her chest in bandages, which makes her bust appear smaller than it really is. As she gets older and her figure fills out, Motoko has to wrap the bandages tighter and tighter. Eventually she notes the wraps are so tight it's causing irregular breathing. Her main weakness (aside from Keitaro) is her fear of turtles.

In Anime Form

In the anime Motoko has a small fan club of underclassmen from the all girl school she attends - something she finds quite embarrassing. Motoko addresses her sister using ane: the humble form of sister in Japanese. A sister is considered a close family member, so this level of formality is uncommon, but emphasizes her traditional family.

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