Name:          Konno Mitsune
  Age:           19
  Blood Type:    O
  Height:        164 (cm)
  Measurments:   87B - 58W - 83H
  Hinata Inn:    Room 205

Konno Mitsune is the oldest of the girls at Hinata Inn. Most tend to call her by her nickname of "Kitsune". It's difficult to say much about her, as the manga rarely features her. She's very much a party girl. She likes to spend her days lounging, drinking sake, and betting on horse racing. Thing specific is said about what she does outside the inn, aside from "having fun". Kitsune doesn't have a steady job. Instead tends to drift to whatever occupation pays the bills for the week. She's is known as the "sexiest" of the girls, and is the only one actively dating. As Keitaro eventually sees for himself, Kitsune also has quite a collection of sexy underwear. Although a good person at heart, she tends to be a rather mischievous trouble maker.

Kitsune and Naru were the first residents of Hinata Inn when converted to a dormitory, and they attended junior high school together. The two consider each other close friends but rarely hang out together as they tend to easily annoy one another. Kitsune has known Naru for years, but finds her interest in Keitaro surprising. Partially because of Naru's indecisive nature with guys, but also because Kitsune has a low opinion of Keitaro.

At first treats Keitaro badly, but later settles on a routine of teasing him for her own amusement, with no ill intent. As time goes on, Kitsune starts to see more in Keitaro than her first impression of him. She's the first of the girls to realize Keitaro grew out of his loser streak, and is set to become quite the catch for a girl. Or in her mind, a golden meal ticket as a Tokyo U graduate will probably land a good job.

In Anime Form

And here's what she looks like in the anime. Hmm... jah...

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