Name:          Keitaro Urashima
Age:           20
Blood Type:    AB
Sign:          Sagittarious
Height:        171 (cm)
Hinata Inn:    Caretaker

Keitaro Urashima - spitting image of a "loser"? Almost. His hobby is collecting pictures from photo booths by HIMSELF! Keitaro's story begins as a young boy playing with a girl. They promised each other that some day they'll get into Tokyo University together and be happy. Since then Keitaro, forgot the name of the little girl, but not the promise. Fast forward fifteen years, and Keitaro already failed Tokyo University entrance exams twice. Unable to face his family, he decides to visit his grandmother at Hinata Inn. His grandmother left Hinata Inn rather abruptly, and makes Keitaro the new manager.

Although the girls accept Keitaro as manager, they aren't happy about it, are suspicious of his intentions, and perceive him to be a pervert. Keitaro is portrayed as a guy who is "misunderstood" as a pervert due to unlucky situations, but a few happenings in the manga led me to believe he really is one. At first Keitaro focuses on nothing except getting into Tokyo University, but with little self esteem, and low self image; he finds that he can never succeed. Over time his experiences at Hinata Inn change him.

One of Keitaro's more enduring attributes is.. well... his endurance. Even Motoko who views him as a total wimp can't deny Keitaro can endure more punishment than any mortal person. He endures constant abuse through Naru's martial arts movies, Su's general antics, and Motoko's ki attacks. It's a miracle he survives, earning him the nickname "Keitaro the immortal". It comes as a shock to everyone when Keitaro actually breaks his leg!

The focus of Love Hina surrounds Keitaro and his would-be romance with Naru. Keitaro finds it difficult to muster enough courage to take charge and share his true feelings with her. Things get interesting when Mutsumi enters the picture. While Naru ever indecisive, and a master at mixed signals, Mutsumi blatantly acknowledges she loves Keitaro. This puts additional pressure on Naru to make up her mind. Or so you would think.

Eventually things change for Keitaro. He begins to realize when life just "happens" to you, it rarely goes your way. Once he takes charge of his life and builds self confidence, the goddess of fortune smiles upon him more often. Eventually Keitaro began to question the direction in his life, and finds his true calling in archeology. This noticeable change caught the attention of the girls at Hinata Inn. Later on it's revealed over time, ALL of the girls somehow fell in love with him!

In Anime Form

In the anime, Keitaro likes to draw. His encounter with Shinobu is creating a sketch of her. Keitaro also has a diary in the anime, likely introduced to advance the story.