Name:          Kanako Urashima
Age:           17
Bloot Type:    B
Height:        162 (cm)
Measurements:  82B - 58W - 83H
Hinata Inn:    Managers Room

Well into the story, Keitaro left for archeology adventures elsewhere. Everything was quiet at Hinata Inn, until a sinister presence threw everything into chaos. Karma had come home to roost. The residents would receive payback for Keitaro's ill treatment over the years, dished out by his little sister Kanako! The girls weren't happy about the situation, but have no choice as Kanako officially takes over Hinata Inn. The girls hoped perhaps Haruka could save them, but Haruka seems oddly nervous even talking about Kanako, and avoids her as much as possible. Like it or not, Kanako is here to stay.

If Kanako were a force of nature, she'd be a tornado: a small center of calm, surrounded by the storm of chaos she creates, with a path of destruction in her wake. With her stoic composure, she's very hard to read, although beneath the impassive exterior is a mind scheming her next sinister plot. Her most fearsome ability is her mastery of impersonation. Combined with expert makeup skills, she can mimic just about anyone. With amazing physical agility, exceptional strategy, and unbreakable composure: Kanako Urashima is NOT a girl to mess with. Despite her dark aura, Kanako has a heartwarming smile. Although even then she can turn around and do things seemingly heartless.

Kanako had it tough as a child. Adults always pushed her around. Only her older brother Keitaro stood up for her. It's later revealed she and Keitaro are not related by blood; and she has a heavy crush on him. In Kanaoko's mind, her brother is the only person who matters, and everyone else is an obstacle keeping them apart. Kanako is often the outsider. Considering her harsh treatment of the residents, it's not surprising she gets cast out of Hinata (through a very militant uprising). Strangely enough it's none other than Naru; the one who suffered most from Kanako's schemes, who offers the hand of friendship.

Kanako always saw something strange in Naru. She's the only person Kanako couldn't imitate perfectly, as she could never reproduce the honesty in Naru's smile. The person Kanako hates most is the girl Keitaro made the promise with as a child, and that girl might be much closer than she thought.

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