Name:          Haruka Urashima
Age:           27
Blood Type:    B
Height:        169 (cm)
Measurments:   85B - 58W - 83H 

In contrast to the ever chaotic Hinata Inn, Hinata Cafe right next door is always calm and peaceful. Before Keitaro arrived, his aunt Haruka helped with cleaning and maintaining of Hinata Inn. She's cool, collected, and unimpressed by pretty much everything, while acting as a mentor in the series. Though seemingly aloof, her advice is often thoughtful and illuminating. While Seta says don't keep bottling up you're feelings, or someday you'll end up like Haruka, the truth is that Haruka always had a stoic composure. There is however photographic evidence that a certain person had quite an effect on Haruka years ago, and she was very happy at one time. Although Seta is a martial arts master, when Haruka gets pissed; she can still give him a good beating. This makes her possibly the most formidable martial artist in the series.

Many mysteries surround Haruka. She seems to know many shady characters that look like mobsters. She also has flawless accuracy at shooting games at festivals. When Motoko needs clothing (in the anime), she ends up wearing a very girlish frilly dress, which is none other than Haruka's.

In anime form

Keitaro addresses Haruka "oba-san" which can mean aunt, or can be used to refer to an older lady. Haruka hates being called that, and reminds Keitaro by severely bludgeoning him.

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