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Liddo-kun is the adorable stuffed thinga-majigger often around the Love Hina manga. Naru has owned one since she was very young. These days he acts as a sentinal, parked on the board covering the large hole separating Naru and Keitaro's rooms. Liddo-kun is a character from a TV cartoon popular years ago. Mutsumi recalls the show featuring little creatures like Liddo who were fried and eaten by people. As Naru recalls, the cartoon was about Liddo and friends going on adventures. We can guess which story is more likely... Liddo-kun later plays a key role in Naru recalling childhood memories later on.


Mutsumi gives Keitaro and Narua a gift for all their help: Tamago - the hot springs turtle. At first he didn't seem like anything remarkable, but he's clearly very smart for a turtle (or any animal). Tamago has other odd abilities, like communicating with other sea creatures and occasionally flying - just to name a few. The residens all like Tamago with the exception of Motoko who is afraid of turtles.

It's a bit strange how many the characters end up accidentally kissing Tamago in the manga. Tamago shouldn't be confused with Mecha-Tamago which is an invention of Su's. If the turtle has a self destruct button marked with a skull and crossbones - that's Mecha-Tamago. Do not taunt Mecha-Tamago.


There are many things supporting Kanako's "witch" image, which includes her cat named Kuro. Kuro seems like a normal cat until Kanako is shown speaking with it. This is a trick of the manga, and Kuro's voice is in fact Kanako's ventriloquism. Her cat accompanies her wherever she goes.


There are a few other animals around Love Hina, although none of them play a big. Tsuruko Aoyama's has a bird often sitting on her shoulder. Su has a white alligator that sometimes accompanies her.