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Vigilant Parents

Mom, what are you doing?
Mama is watching over you.
S-Stop it...

Plight of Writing

You Look Familiar

I have a fabulous disguise. No one will recognize me.
Isn't that overdoing it?
I also have this sign to alleviate suspicion
Wait isn't that?...
Nothing to see here...

Energy Drinks

Sure you can drink energy drinks..
Feel great for a while..
Do lots of homework..
But the results the next day might not be so happy.

Your Fortune is...

You're not going to seriously make your daughter pay for advice are you?
You don't have to pay if you don't want to know.


At Zenjiro's Apartment..

Greetings reporter people
I am sorry to inform you Zenjiro is not in.
He is on a journey to my homeworld; a distant planet of the goat people.
Despite our advanced civilization and technology, I still must take the elevator. Farewell!


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