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Cool, collected, and seemingly detached, it doesn't appear that Akito Haiyama has an interest in anything. Compared to the human tornado that Sana tends to be, Akito is like the exact opposite. In fact she's the only one that can ever get him to break his serious expression. Akito has really strange ways of expressing himself, especially when frustrated: he mercilessly kicks inanimate objects.

Akito was in charge of the general class chaos the boys were causing, and Sana became his adversary. But as the two talked, Sana found out that Akito's family was very unhappy. She single handily managed to patch up his home life up and he's been grateful ever since, and grew to have a crush on her. Akito occasionally has flashes of impulsive behavior, which usually results in him trying to cop a feel, and then Sana exploding in rage. As things progress Akito feels he doesn't have anything to offer Sana, so at the principle's suggestion; he decides to take up karate, to prove himself to her.


Like Sana, Naozumi Kamura is a famous child actor. He and Sana meet while making a commercial together, and he admits to being a big fan of hers. Actually he's not just a fan, but decides to actively pursue her. This leads to a rivalry between Naozumi and Akito. Naozumi tends to strike conspicuously dramatic poses and also has a habit of playing a trumpet loudly when he gets frustrated, much to the dismay of his manager.


Rei is Sana's manager. He's most noted for the fact that he ALWAYS wears sun glasses - because Sana asked him to. Such dedication is rather strange, but it was Sana who found Rei as a homeless vagrant on the street and brought him to her house. As it turns out Rei had a severe string of bad luck and ended up that way. Sana gave him hope, and he was able to recover from his deep depression and he dedicated his loyalty to her, as well as vowing to become a great manager for her sake.


Tsuyoshi and Akito are best friends, although their relationship is a bit odd. Tsuyoshi is normally very meek and mild mannered, but once he gets mad, he goes on a rampage causing mass destruction. The only way to stop Tsuyoshi during these rampages is for Akito to give him a karate chop on top of the head. At first Tsuyoshi had a crush on Sana, but after getting a gift from Aya he moves on. He's still one of her few male friends though. He likes gifts and has a knack for dramatically over-reacting to certain things.


Zenjiro is an actor with his own show called "A Child's Toy", although Sana is probably the real star of the show. On Sana's other acting jobs, Zenjiro is often cast with a minor role. You would think that being the lead of a children's show would cause him to be well behaved, but in fact he's got a stereotypical life of fame. Driving sporty cars, wearing Versace suits and always on the lookout for a hot date, it's actually surprising he's not in the tabloids more often. Especially as it's hinted that his personal life is a bit perverse.


Sana is the main character of the story, and most noted for being extremely hyperactive. Her energetic personality has earned her a starring role on the TV show A Child's Toy. As the series begins, Sana is pitted against her arch rival Akito Hayama. After various confrontations the two call a truce and actually become good friends, and romantically involved as the series goes on. Even so, the two are much like opposites.

Sana often tries to put the skills she learned in acting to use when faced with any challenging task but with mixed results. Akito also notes that because Sana is such a good actor that she can hide her emotions even when very unhappy. Yet Akito can always see her true feelings and over time she finds it comforting that she has someone to confide in. Sana also has a tendency to use coined expressions that she usually messes up through mispronunciation or the wrong idea entirely. She's also very dense at times.


Misako Kurata is Sana's mother, a popular writer and also well known for her outrageous hair style. When younger, She found out that her chance of having children was only 5%. She took the news harshly, and decided she would no longer be an ordinary woman... she would become extraordinary. The first step of which was to come up with a hairstyle that was as strange as possible, and people stared at her wherever she went. Over time her hair evolved from just looking strange to extremely elaborate headgear that changes on a daily basis.

While sometimes wise and motherly, she's also often crazy in her own way much like Sana. She likes gossip and causing general mischief. When not writing, Misako is usually avoiding people from her publisher.


Asako Kurumi is a beautiful and talented actress who was cast to be in a TV movie with Sana (who is a big fan of Asako). As it turns out however, Asako and Rei used to date, but she left him to pursue a career as an actress. In the end she couldn't let him go however. While she's a sort of minor character, her experiences actually foreshadow a few things that happen throughout the series.


Once everyone moves on to junior high, Fuka Matsui moves to Tokyo from Osaka. She and Sana bond almost instantly and become close friends. As it turns out however, Fuka had once lived in Tokyo and it was Akito that had first kissed her in kindergarten. While not on friendly terms at first, she eventually starts to take an interest in him. Due to a misunderstanding she ends up dating Akito. They thought Sana was dating Naozumi while she was away for a few months on a film shoot (which was just a false rumor). This ends up being a big mess as Akito is torn, and both girls like him, but still feel very close and want to remain friends.


Half bat. Half rabbit. All "it". Babbit is what you would call the narrator of the anime. Babbit isn't really a single character, but more like a collective of multiple babbits. Just about everything in the show has something Babbit themed, and he can be found on everything from character clothing to instant ramen packaging in the show.

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