Burn Up!

The Situation:

Maki, Remi and Yuka are three women on the police force about to face their most dangerous case yet. Sam McCoy is a well known criminal involved in trading slave girls. Thus far he's evaded arrest, and the police have nothing to pin on him. McCoy owns night clubs in town where women are disappearing. The three decide to show up at the club and act as bait.

Things get tricky when Yuka is kidnapped, leaving Maki and Remi with no idea how it happened or where she is. With no proof the police can't do anything. Time is running out for Yuka, and Maki and Remi aren't going to wait and see what happens. Packing as much firepower as possible, they set out on their own to bring McCoy to justice.

On Duty:


Specialty: Combat

The hot blond with raging hormones and flaring temper. She has a reputation for using excessive force to solve problems. Like Remi, she's got man issues but is apparently able to land a date or two.


Specialty: Office Work

Not particularly smart, she's more of the office girl who ends up as bait in a string operation. Somehow by the end she's running around in her underwear so perhaps she's the fan service specialist.


Specialty: Electronics and Gadgets

Remi is level headed when it comes to police work, and has a fondness for electronic gizmos. She has a very (abusive) aggressive side when dealing with men. Remi finds it puzzling why she's still single.


♠ Released in 1991, Burn Up is typical for a 90s action anime. Unfortunately like many of those titles, Burn Up suffers from a lack of plot and basically exists to showcase blowing stuff up. It does a good job at that at least, and as a one off OVA shows how a good budget can be put to good use with some impressive animation.

♠ While it doesn't exactly seem like franchise launching material, Burn Up has been followed up by more titles with similar themes. The concept may not be revolutionary, but one of the earlier titles to feature female leads doing so.

♠ Released in America by A.D. Vision (poor dubbing and all)

♠ Character designs by Keniichi Sonada who is also known for Gunsmith Cats.

AAP Review:

-- Verdict: Weak   ( » Read Full Review )