Burn Up!

The Situation:

The members of team Warrior are always ready to unleash mayhem when their skills are required to handle jobs the regular police can't. The paperwork for the damage alone, is enough to make the police dread calling them up. During the Neo Tokyo Tower opening ceremony, top city officials are taken hostage. The police held at bay by robotic insects which explode when approached: the kind of job only Warrior can handle.

The tower heist is only the beginning. Crime is on the rise, but the methods are beyond the capabilities of those attempting to pull them off. The common factor is that they involve precious stones, making it an unlikely coincidence. Not to mention when the criminals are caught, the stones are already missing. Could someone else be behind these robberies?

Warrior will be up against something much bigger than apprehending simple thugs. It may cripple the Neo Tokyo police force, and perhaps even turn them against Warrior. Maki founded Warrior in her quest for justice, but it's about to get more personal when an old flame turns up on the wrong side of the law.

On Duty:


Specialty: Intelligence

Years ago, Maki's wedding was abruptly cut short by a violent attack, which killed her fiancé. To bring such criminals to justice, she founded Warrior as an elite team with capabilities beyond that of standard police. She's moved on, yet that incident haunts her still.


Specialty: Close Combat

She still has money problems. She still has man problems. She has a slew of issues to deal with in every episode. Rio remains cursed in romance, but does gain an admirer when a spy satellite grows to have a crush on her. It's tough being the main character.


Specialty: Firearms

It seems Maya only enforces the law as a side benefit to shooting at people (legally), but she's aspired to become an police officer even as a young girl. This causes family strife since her father is a mob boss. The two parted on bad terms, however her father still misses her. Maya's gun crazed insanity runs in the family.


Specialty: Computers

Nothing new for Lilica, although she really hates it when people mess with her computer. (She seriously doesn't lock it?) No news on what she did with the Russian space satellite her dad bought for her birthday. Well it'll probably suck.


Specialty: Engineering

Nanvel is clearly a crazy cat lady in the making. She becomes very sentimental about her creations; thinking of them as her children. Aside from her invention hobby, she likes cakes.


Specialty: Transporter

No news on what's up between him and Rio. Yugi remains a loser, however his attention to detail in the T&A department occasionally has its uses. Provided his powers are used for the good of mankind, I guess that's legal.


♠ Released in 1997, Burn Up Excess is the TV follow up to the Burn Up W OVA - but doesn't really conclude that story.

♠ Released in America by A.D. Vision.

♠ The American release includes voice dubbing in both English and Spanish.

♠ At the time of the American release, DVD was a new concept and it wasn't uncommon for people to consider DVD features a big selling point. ADV came up with the innovative (and somewhat notorious during release) jiggle counter which tallies boob jiggles per characters for each episode.

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