Burn Up W

The Situation:

Sometimes crime gets out of control, and even the Neo Tokyo Police can't handle it. That's why an elite police team known as Warrior was formed. They don't get the call often, and only as a last resort. They're price is far higher than conventional police, but not because of their pay. It's more because of the chaos and destruction left in their wake in the name of restoring peace and order, leaving the city to foot the bill.

The latest incident requiring Warrior's intervention is a peculiar case. An upscale hotel is assaulted and closed off, with the high profile clientele taken hostage. It was Nothing unusual until the terrorists made their demands. Like pop idol Umi Kawai bungee jumping nude from a rooftop, and all surf boards at the beach must be broken. Wackos like these guys surely couldn't pull off a heist this sophisticated, so who's really pulling the strings?

Shortly thereafter, an online virtual-idol is "kidnapped". Since she's a computer program, it's well beyond a standard police investigation. Warrior finds the missing idol, but in the process uncovers an operation for a new "virtual drug". Effects are similar to conventional drugs, but no chemicals are involved. As Warrior has thwarted more than a few of the cartel's operations, the syndicate decides to take out the police in a direct assault. Warrior is called in to help, only to encounter a team tailored to the specific purpose of destroying them. Have they finally met their match?

On Duty:


Specialty: Intelligence

Maki is likely the only sane member of Warrior, with a a knack for diplomacy and strategy. She's able to cut through red tape and get required budget allocations. Warrior exists because she founded the group, but only continues to exist due to her telent handling its individual members - who are skilled, but are very... quirky.


Specialty: Close Combat

Rio is ditsy, spends way too much of her paycheck, and has man problems. Due to her spending habits, she usually eats cheap ramen to get through the month, and is often pursued by bill collectors. This is also why she's such an enthusiastic member of Warrior - extra duty pay! Rio is skilled at close combat and very effective when directed by Maki, but otherwise lacks patience and strategy.


Specialty: Firearms

Maya only cares about shooting guns and blowing stuff up. In fact her biggest complaint about Warrior isn't about pay, it's that she doesn't get to shoot enough! Luckily Maki can keep under control, or her frustration would likely cause her to go on a rampage. Maya likes spending days off on rooftops; drinking beer, and shooting at criminals with her sniper rifle.


Specialty: Computers

Lilica comes from an ungodly rich family and only joined Warrior (and the police) to amuse herself. Or as she puts it, for the "flesh, sex and violence". She's the computer hacker of Warrior, and accomplished at fixing or breaking them (more so breaking). She's generally upbeat, but has the biggest smile in front of a computer monitor.


Specialty: Engineering

Maya likes to blow thing up. Lilica likes computer stuff. If you were to combine these two into practical application, you'd get Nanvel. While Nanel has an ingenious mind for invention, budget problems keep her dreams in check. Unless Maki can find a use for them. Nanvel loves creating things and watching them work, which is probably why she's in Warrior. She's the only member who isn't formally in the police department as a day job.


Specialty: Transporter

From his looks you'd think he'd be a ladies man, but he's actually more of a loser. Yugi is however a pervert, and likes the ladies - Rio most of all. Yugi's skill is with transport ranging from cars to helicopters. It's not clear why he's in Warrior, but likely his fetishes require a lot of money. Yugi's advances on Rio are often shot down, but there are hints she may secretly like him.


♠ Released in 1996, Burn Up W was one of the anime titles spearheading a new generation of fluff action titles that were a lot of fun.

♠ Much of the animation staff at animation studio A.I.C., also worked on Tenchi Muyo.

♠ There is a short 1 minute segment after the episode 4 credits. It foreshadows more conflict to come with the virtual drug syndicate, but this plot is never resolved (Burn Up X deals with other stuff).

♠ Released in America by A.D. Vision

♠ Not long after this series was made, a Burn Up manga was created, illustrated by Oh Great (known for other series like Tenjo Tenge, and Air Gear).

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