Burn Up S

The Situation:

The time is the near future. The year is 2023: Tokyo. Internationalization and distribution expand. As society evolves, so too does the dark side of society. As criminals increase in ingenuity and organized crime continues to spread, peace and order deteriorate steadily. Judging the situation dire, the government introduces a revolutionary system. They organize an elite excessive measures police team as a special criminal countermeasure. Quick response to demands of the common citizen are a top priority. They are called the Special Anti Crime Team: Warrior.

Currently Warrior exists as a team of three individuals with unique talents. Their achievements stand as a testament to the success of the program which continues to evolve. The potential for such a program to expand state power is considerable, and some aspects become questionable. Are the three just tools or will they make a stand for justice when the time comes?

On Duty:


Specialty: Close Combat

An everlasting cloud of bad luck hangs over Rio, and this girl just can't catch a break. Her main concern falling in love, but finding the right guy is problematic. She's temperamental but level headed in a fight, making her well suited to physical combat.


Specialty: Firearms

Maya is soft spoken, impassive, and logical minded. She adores girlie things like frilly dresses and stuffed animals. In contrast to the outward calm exterior, she's armed to the teeth and loves destruction. All of the firearms in her vast collection have names.


Specialty: Paranormal

Lilica is a spaced out girl with many paranormal powers including mind reading and telekinesis. She's considered top secret, and often put into restraints to keep her powers in check. She quickly bonds with Rio and Maya, considering them true friends.


Specialty: Intelligence

Her name is never stated, but she serves a role similar to Miki in previous Burn Up incarnations. She gives breifings on assignments to the team, but rarely directs them in action. She doesn't seem driven by justice, so perhaps other things are at play in her mind.


Specialty: Sexual Harassment

A police section chief and skirt chaser, he's captivated by Rio, although she's wary of his pursit. He's handsom, rich, and has a good job, yet Rio doesn't think he's right. Matsuri also works at the precinct, intending to marry him and fullfill her life plan, but Yugi seems less than enthused.


♠ As Burn Up enters the 21st century, it is the first incarnation not utilizing animation cells, produced purely by CG.

♠ Released in America by Genon. This includes a dub with a different cast from previous ADV releases.

AAP Review:

-- Verdict: Sucks   ( » Read Full Review )