As e-commerce moves into the next millenium, are you prepared for what the future will bring? Do you expect prosparity? Do you dread failure? Archen brand anime pages will be there every step of the way. Served on rock solid UNIX servers, and based across 2 continents, Archen's anime pages are poised to meet all expectations and more. As the new economy has shown, dot coms are not necessarily long lived if there isn't enough substance to support them. Would you trust these new dot coms that are here now and might be gone tomorrow? Trust in established anime pages that have already weathered bad times without a scratch. Archen's Anime Page: a page that isn't a dot com, a page that experts trust, a recource for uncommon anime.

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Huh? Archen's Anime Page? I've never heard of it. It sounds okay though.

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No matter what tomorrow brings: Be ready.