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Entry #300
tenshi - the chaotic female high elf ninja
Saturday October 24th 2020
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: jojos
Fave Manga: abnormal kei joshi
this is a swag site
Entry #299
n1k - the chaotic male human tourist
Saturday October 24th 2020
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: might actually be Fresh Precure
Fave Manga: probably Full Metal Alchemist
Really cool site. Yeah, it looks old, but it's still stylish.Also, you have no idea how happy I am to see a working guestbook. I thought these were extinct in the wild years ago, even actively updated sites had broken guestbooks.
Archen Said:
Now that you mention it I can't recall the last guestbook I've seen that worked. Has to be over 10 years at least. This could be the last one. That would be pretty crazy.
Entry #298
Darkbloom - the notorious female fairy valkyrie
Thursday October 22nd 2020
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: Black Lagoon
Fave Manga: Shigurui
Dude this website is SICK (in the good way)
Entry #297
PriestOfPain - the infamous male undead ninja
Thursday October 22nd 2020
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Gurren Lagann
Fave Manga: Berserk
Nice website
Entry #296
Mikey - the chaotic male undead bishoujo
Thursday September 10th 2020
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: K-On
Fave Manga: Berserk
Cute website boss. Keep it cool.
Entry #295
Dyznomia - the dashing male undead tourist
Wednesday September 9th 2020
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: The Kubikiri Cycle
Fave Manga: Hinamatsuri
I am absolutely in love with this website. I'm starting a website myself, and wanted to give it a sort of retro theme. When I came across this, I was seriously blown away. This is a life's work. It's amazing. I am so fucking impressed right now, dude. Like, this both made me so incredibly inspired, and so terribly defeated. Well fucking done.
Archen Said:
My site is something like a life's work, but in perspective it's just me dumping my time into something that accumulated into a pile of.. whatever it is. A thousand mile journey starts with the first step as they say. So get started with a website, just pace yourself and keep it fun (for yourself). Also, every retro website has under construction gifs. Only then is it a legit retro website. Good luck!
Entry #294
i think, i must - the infamous female undead cleric
Tuesday July 7th 2020
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
this site is so nice, i can't believe your still active-! i love finding old websites like this.
Entry #293
goated on the anime - the mysterious
Saturday June 13th 2020
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
your taste is shit are you retarded
Entry #292
TiraflechaPR - the magnetic male human tourist
Wednesday April 29th 2020
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: DBZ, Both FMAs
Fave Manga: Blazer Drive, I guess
Found this on stumblingOn and nostalgia kicked in. Good on you! I miss the old internet days when people made cool shit like this just because they could, or because there was no other outlet.
Entry #291
Fish - the mysterious
Tuesday April 21st 2020
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Anime: Lodoss War OVA
Fave Manga: Hellsing
Stumbled across this looking for the Lodoss War Light novel translations. Not successful yet...
Was surprised to find this site still active going through some of the other sites I found!
Figured since you had one of these I'd leave a message and say hello.
Hope you are well in these troubled times, and never give up!
Entry #290
Erin - the mysterious
Tuesday March 17th 2020
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
I was going to comment and say that I have so much trouble finishing games these days and that it'd probably be years before I got to the remake, but I guess it's going to be easier now! I'm mostly sad that I'm old enough that nostalgia baiting is now aimed at me.
Entry #289
Erin - the mysterious
Sunday February 23rd 2020
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
Ordering fansubs and hoping for the best is my version of walking 15 miles in the snow/uphill to school.
I'm lucky because I just have to wait for Alan to buy the new one! I wonder if they'll keep the dolphin jump scene?
Archen Said:
I was thinking about making an article about that sort of thing. VHS fansubs were really crazy when you try explaining it to kids these days. I'm not holding my breath about the new FF7 being good, but I'll probably pick it up anyway when all the chapters are released and it's on sale. I'm pretty wary of all the nostalgia baiting these days.
Entry #288
Erin - the mysterious
Saturday February 15th 2020
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
Well, it's time for my yearly guestbook visit! This year I'm working on a Cloud Strife costume for Alan's nephew and watching Sailor Moon with his niece and that amuses me greatly.
Hope all is well with you!
Archen Said:
Haha, you've become the elder sage of anime. That's awesome! Kinda weird thinking about how we used to talk about FF7, and now its come back around these days. Not sure if I'm going to buy the new one (at least until it's finished).
Entry #287
Trisha - the mysterious female ninja
Thursday January 16th 2020
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: Sailormoon
Fave Manga: Sailormoon
It's okay that you're trans. I accepted you. <3
You deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. Happiness is a choice. You hold on to so much pain - just let it go... you try to control things - just let it go... trust. TRUST! Trust that other people want to accept you just as you are. They can't love you if you don't let them. Nurture yourself and trust that the people you are drawing towards you, love you and accept you.
Entry #286
X - the lawful male high elf valkyrie
Saturday January 11th 2020
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Mushishi
Fave Manga:
Hey Archen, good to see the site is still up. Do you watch seasonals at all nowadays? Also, happy new decade! I hope this one is great for you. The last truly flew by.. the years keep going.
Archen Said:
Honestly I mostly just sleep and work these days. It's my New Years resolution to watch more anime. Last year my goal was to play through a game a month and I didn't even manage that. Pretty sad life I lead these days. I'm hoping to go through some shows, but I find myself less enthused about watching shows which almost never conclude these days.
Entry #285
1337Pwny - the mysterious
Thursday November 21st 2019
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: Various
Fave Manga: Various
Figured it was time for a yearly check-in! Happy holidays to you! The year has been pretty good so far since I last left a sign! I've been playing catch up with this year's anime seasons lol kinda hard to believe Fruits Basket and Full Metal Panic! Received new animes years after the original airing. Date A Live has been though 3 different studios already but hey looks like harem anime isn't dead! Isekai isn't going anywhere either lol I'll see you in the next decade!
Archen Said:
Hey, hope you have a good next year too!.. or next decade. Weird to think of another decade happening. I guess if characters get transported to another world, at least it doesn't take place in a high school since those are (usually) mutually exclusive. So maybe that's progress?
Entry #284
GYM WEED 420 - the mysterious
Monday November 4th 2019
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: Trigun
Fave Manga: A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
came here on accident glad I arrived.
Entry #283
Dr C - the mysterious chaotic alien wizard
Sunday October 20th 2019
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Prison School
Fave Manga: World's end harem
Hang on... This isn't Chaturbate? Ok, as I'm here, I guess I should leave a comment. This site takes me back to when cell-phones were the size of house bricks. Ah sweet sepia toned nostalgia.😊
Entry #282
Ratsel - the neutral male high elf samurai
Tuesday October 15th 2019
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Shamanic Princess
Fave Manga: Genshiken
It's nice to see someone else appreciate Vampire Princess Miyu.
Entry #281
Gaby2457 - the lawful male alien samurai
Wednesday August 14th 2019
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Kill la Kill
Fave Manga: Komi-san
So basically.... there's this girl and uhh
Bottom text
P.S. Neat thing you got here, I'll probably check some reviews to see if you have good opinions B)
Entry #280
PizzaThot - the lawful male human tourist
Wednesday August 14th 2019
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Trigun
Fave Manga: Project ARMS
I signed the guest book and all I got was this lousy shirt