Ah! My Goddess - Korean

I believe the Korean version is actually called "Ah My Goddess". Ah! My Goddess is published in segments in Young magazine just like it's published in the Japanese magazine Afternoon. The manga collections are published by Choi - Young - Jeep. The Korean incarnation is mirrored like it's American counterpart due to the fact that they read in the same direction as English (left to right).

The major drawback for the Korean manga is that the paper quality is VERY poor, and likewise the printing quality itself is very poor, which all detracts significantly from the artwork. It seems as though all of the manga I have from Korea all use this same type of paper, so I guess that's more or less the standard over there.

Pricing of the Korean version seems to vary. Older volumes of AMG are 2500 wan. Newer ones are 3000 wan, and the latest one I bought was 3500 wan. Whether this is due to the fact that the volumes were more recent, or the fact that the wan was losing value at the time, I'm not sure.

Special thanks to Dianne who translated the publisher for me.
You still owe me some Ginseng Gum too!