Ah! My Goddess Character Evolution

It seems to me that a lot of new comers to Ah! My Goddess think that Fujishima's artwork has always been flawless, and/or that the characters have always been the same. I'll admit that right now, Fujishima's artwork is top notch, and it is still improving (you'll see once future issues reach America). Well simply put, Fujishima like many manga artists; developed his talent over time. His artwork came a LONG way from when the series began. Quite interesting is how the art of the characters have developed over time. It seems that Fujishima's artwork sometimes underwent a gradual change, sometimes a drastic change - almost between issues.

So with that in mind, this part is dedicated to those differences in development in character design, and how Fujishima's artwork has changed.

This section is still in progress

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