Urd is a character that had the fortune to miss Fujishima's first issue of Ah! My Goddess. But she is also one of the oldest characters, as she appeared by the second story. Of course the artwork had a long way to go when you look at her first incarnation, when compared to the artwork later .

Version 1

The first version of Urd was... well in my opinion, she was just scary. The character design was extremely simple, and sort of... "raw" for lack of a better term. When Keiichi said "that Urd is a real babe" you really had to use your imagination. Urd stayed like this for a time (one or two stories if memory serves correct), before undergoing some redesign. None to soon for me.

Version 2

Urd's character gradually made modifications right into a more cute appearance. While Belldandy changed in appearance, Urd for the most part stayed the same up until the cute phase and slid directly into it. From this point on, Belldandy and Urd seem to change at the same rate - both moving towards more polished versions, but each with distinct variations.

Version 3

The incarnation of Urd between the cute phase and the current phase is rather hard to pinpoint. This is because for a short time during the most significant transformation periods for the AMG characters, Urd was basically in the background, so there are no really good images of her. This image is about as close as I could come up with I guess.

Urd sort of looked a bit different from this for a while, but I really can't find any better pictures (partially because of the quality of the issue I have). If I find a better picture, I'll put it up.

Version 4 - Current

And finally Urd's character design reflects the sexy goddess stature that she commands in the manga. Her hair still stays together more than that of Belldandy, but Urd's hair is far more wavy. Urd has a bit more to change in her design in the future, but not by much. I guess the main thing I've always looked forward to about seeing Urd, is to see what sort of wild outfit she'll have on next. Fujishima also seems to have also gotten a knack for showing Urd's curves, even though clothing.

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