Out of all the characters, Belldandy has changed the most. It seems that Fujishima, every now and then would change certain aspects of her, trying to get her just right, or at least satisfactory in his own eyes. That's mere speculation of course, but no other character has undergone the modifications that Belldandy has.

Version 1

The first issue of Ah! My Goddess was an oddity compared to the rest. Everything was drastically different, especially Belldandy. Her goddess marking was much larger. Her goddess outfit also seemed to be very different. What's up with that turban on her head anyhow? The first Belldandy looked more like an Iranian tourist than anything else. Anyone else find this scary?

Version 2

The second version of Belldandy seemed to have a better proportioned forehead, and her goddess marking slimmed down. This is what Belldandy continued to look like this from issue two onward for quite some time. Her hair was also lightened, and tended to clump together more than her design later.

Version 3

This version of Belldandy occurred in what I call Fujishima's ‘cute phase', since most of the characters tended to have a more cute look to them than previously (or afterward for that matter). The main difference is that her head is more rounded, and the other features were proportioned accordingly.

Version 4

This version of Belldandy is an artwork transition away from the ‘cute phase'. It seems that Fujishima was trying to develop a more complicated character design. This was the beginning transformation into a much more polished looking Belldandy. Take special notice of the goddess marking which had a circle in the middle.

Version 5 - Current

The 5th version of Belldandy is just about the final version. From this point on Belldandy looks pretty much the same, with one or two minor details changing. Belldandy seems to have acquired a more slim figure when compared to earlier versions. Her goddess marking also seems to have become less prominent. Maybe it's because Belldandy's personality has become a bit more subdued too.

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