Goddess Angels

Introduced much later in Ah! My Goddess are the angels. Supposedly in order for a Goddess to use a spell involving a high level of magic, she must call on her respective angel. The fact that this was introduced later in the manga tends to directly conflict with a lot of happenings earlier on in the series. Perhaps it wouldn't be quite as obvious if it weren't for the fact that once the angels are introduced, the goddesses tend to use them all the time. On the other hand, it does however make a good excuse for Fujishma to make more really cool artwork, so I'm not going to nit-pick on the subject.

An angel isn't just an entity in itself. Each angel is more like a reflection of the heart of the goddess who calls upon her. Aside from that, each angel also has an elemental attribute from which the angel will draw her power. Goddesses aren't born with this inate ability to call forth an angel however, and a goddess can only call up an angel when she has enough power to do so, and enough power to control her angel. Until that right of passage, an angel will await that day by lying dormant within an egg.

Goddess: Skuld
Angel: Noble Scarlet

Skuld was a bit impatient in trying to call her angel out of it's shell, and summoned it before she was ready to handle such a responsibility. Due to the problems controlling the angel, it reverted back into an egg - where it will wait until Skuld has enough power to control it. Nobel Scarlet is an angel of water.

Goddess: Belldandy
Angel: Holy Bell

Belldandy's angel is called Holy Bell. Holy Bell, much like Belldandy herself, is elegant, kind, and gentle. At times it seems as though she can also be sensitive (Sayoko makes her cry). Belldandy being a first class goddess (and thus having the best control over her power), is very adept at using her angel. Holy Bell is an angel of wind.

Goddess: Urd
Angel: World of Elegance

The most interesting angel in my opinion is Urd's angel: World of Elegance. For those of you who don't know, Urd is half demon, and half goddess. Her angel is a very odd looking creature which looks literally to be half demon, half angel. Unlike Belldandy, who has a close relationship with her angel, Urd cannot come to grips with the form of World of Elegance. Eventually when the only hope to save Keiichi and Skuld is to use her angel, she finally does call it. It seems after that, Urd accepts her angel. World of Elegance is an angel of fire.

Goddess: Peorth
Angel: Gorgeous Rose

Peorth's angel is Gorgeous Rose. The angel itself doesn't show up all that often, probably because Peorth isn't featured all that often in the manga either. Much like Belldandy, Peorth seems to have a very close relationship with her angel. Gorgeous Rose is an angel of earth.


Demons don't seem to have this sort of system. Likewise earth spirits don't have anything like this either. If the system between goddesses and demons were really ballenced, then the existence of angels would seem to contradict this; as angels would seem to tip the scales in favor of goddesses. Angels making up a difference in power between a goddess and a demon doesn't really make sense either, as that would lead one to believe that goddesses are in a way, fundamentally weaker. Mara however, does work with Sensabi who is a lesser demon, so perhaps there is some equivalent system for demons (?).