Mara (Maller)

Demon: First Class (unlimited license)
Nothing personal, it's my job to be evil

With a regular cast of re-occurring characters, it would only make sense that there would be a regular villain. Thus Mara comes in. Her name is actually Maller in the Japanese version. Mara and the goddesses have known each other for quite some time. In fact Urd and Mara were once best friends until eventually they chose different paths: Mara chose to become a demon, while Urd decided to become a goddess (Urd could choose either path). Demons and Goddesses work in a system where they compete to increase market share. This means either forming contracts with mortals, or sabotaging the work of the other side. Goddesses of course don't do that sort of thing, but for demons like Mara this is an occupational specialty. This time trying to sabotage the powers of good is complicated, because the goddess (Belldandy) stayed on Earth, leading Mara to be stranded as well. Mara is good at hatching schemes, but lacks the foresight needed to anticipate problems arising, which is why they rarely succeed.

  • Mara: "Oh WOW! That's a cool idea!"
  • Urd: "don't tell me she really didn't have a plan..."

Chihiro Fujimi

Mortal: Female
Lady of the Wirlwind

Chihiro was the founder and leader of the NIT motor club before Keiichi arrived. In the past it appears that both Otaki & Tamiya were in love with Chihiro. She couldn't bring herself to choose between them, and chose the good of the club over their professed love. Chihiro continues to have a strange relationship with the two, who obey her every whim - mostly out of fear, but partially out of what they feel for her. Chihiro starts a custom bike shop named Whirlwind and hires Keiichi. While she's pushy and has a bossy personality, she's also very fair and kind. Chihiro and Keiichi have a close relationship for a boss and employee and are more friends than anything - although Chihiro never lets him forget who's really in charge. She also adores anything cute.

  • "Hmm... it must be Tamiya and Otaki selling those maps.
    later they shall require... DISCIPLINE."



Velsper is a the demon paired with Belldandy in the doublet system. While a goddess and demon aren't supposed to remember who they're paired with, Velsper didn't want to forget, so he laid a curse upon himself. While this allowed him to retain his memory of Belldandy, the price he had to pay was that he is forced to remain a child forever. He's evil in the way that demons are, but at the same time is strangely attached to Belldandy. Later on Velsper is reincarnated as a cat.

  • "Hmph... and you call ME childish!"

Sora Hasegawa

Mortal: Female
the charm of innocence

Sora is one of the few female members of the NIT motor club. She has a brainy look with her glasses. She also looks very young, and is sometimes mistaken for a junior high student. This leads her to be particularly defensive about being flat chested. While she never actually does any racing, or mechanical work - her top notch ideas and smarts are invaluable to the club. Sora is an underclassmen of Keiichi and usually refers to him as "sempai". This was translated to "sir" in English.


Demon: First Class
even if she's evil, she's still mom

Its known for some time that Urd is half demon, but it's only revealed later on that Urd's mother is the ruler of all demons. Hild appears after an emergency to help her daughter. While Urd comes to accept her demon heritage, she's still resolute about not returning her doting mother's affection. As a demon, Hild is a cunning mastermind, and malevolent being. She dislikes goddess, but she especially dislikes Belldandy; the goddess most like her former lover. As the ruler of demon kind, Hild is an overbearing boss who works Mara pretty hard. When not concerned with demon/goddess affairs, Hild is carefree and likes to have fun. With so many facets to her personality, it's easy to see where Urd gets some of her craziness.

After solving the big crisis with Urd, Hild returns to the realm of demons, but leaves behind a fraction of her presence in a child like avatar to cause trouble. This avatar only has a thousandth of her full strength, but Hild's power eclipses that of everyone else (except the Almighty). Hild's clothing is similar to other goddesses and demons except she wears many more bracelets, earrings and trinkets. A first class goddess like Belldandy needs an single earing to bind her power. Hild is so powerful that she requires dozens of such trinkets to suppress her power. She's that strong!


a heart made of chrome

Banpei is one of Skuld's best inventions. He was originally created to keep Mara at bay, but becomes a perminant resident helping around the house. Banpei is very versitile, and can change functions through upgrades and attachments. Banpei develops a personality, and falls in love with Belldandy. Skuld is wipes his memory, but his personality continues to retrun. Skuld has a hard time thinking of her invention as a person instead of a "thing", but eventually accepts it. Banpei later falls in love with a mechanical girl used to greeting people, oustide a local shop.

The Queen (of racing)

Mortal: female
upon a roaring throne of steel

Although not a major character, I decided to give her, her own little section because I thought she was cool. Actually she doesn't even have a name and is only referred to as "the queen" - which is sort of an ambiguous term used a lot in AMG. I suppose I found her rather interesting due to her cocky attitude and her flare for poetry. While she's a bit obsessive about racing and not a very complex, I was sort of disappointed that she was only a one shot character. The other interesting thing to notice about the queen, is that if you change her hairstyle and her wardrobe, she looks exactly like Morgan Le Fe in the anime.