Keiichi is the main character of Oh My Goddess. Before the goddesses arrived, Keiichi lived a dull and uninteresting life. Especially dull considering he didn't have a girlfriend. While he blames this on being short, the truth is that he's simply not good with girls. Even after living with Belldandy for months, he's not froward enough to kiss her. One phone call changes his life. One misconception about the series, is that Keiichi simply called the wrong number and got in touch with the goddess Help office, however not just anyone can call a goddess. The inner workings of the universe filter those things out, and only those who are truly worthy of assistance can call one. Likewise, a goddess will not grant any wish. It has to be what the person truly desires in their heart. If you overlook how initially shallow it is to wish a goddess would be with you forever, you can take this to simply be fate that draws him and Belldandy together.

Keiichi is in many ways, a mortal reflection of Belldandy. He is kind, gentle somewhat chivalrous, despite how others treat him. Urd tries to push Belldandy and Keiichi together via methods that are pretty far beyond both of them. Lets face it, a couple that won't hold hands isn't ready for sex. At first Urd thinks of Keiichi as a total wimp, but eventually sees the purity in his feelings for Belldandy, and leaves well enough alone. Skuld on the other hand, makes it a point to harass Keiichi as much as possible. As Skuld starts to mature, her feelings start to become confused, and she may have developed a latent crush on him. Even Sayoko starts to like him after a while. Previously she had never acknowledged his existence, but while trying to steal him away from Belldandy, she realises that he might be the kind of guy she could grow to like. Or maybe already has...

At the core of the story is his relationship with Belldandy. In the beginning of the manga, it didn't look like Belldandy was all that happy to be stuck on Earth with him, and Keiichi was unsure where their relationship stood. After the Lord of Terror arc, Belldandy confesses that she doesn't just stay with him because of her contract; she also stays because she loves him.

One of Keiichi's most endearing attributes is that he always tries to do his best. Belldandy often cites this as the reason she loves him so much. Unlike most of the other students, Keiichi actually works hard in college. His main hobby is tinkering with motorcycles, and this naturally leads him to join Nekomi tech's motor club. Keiichi's dedication eventually leads to him becoming the head of the club after the retirement of Otaki and Tamiya. After college, Keiichi gets a job which allowes him to farther pursue his love of motorcycles by working at the Whirlwind bike shop - founded by the another former leader of the Nokomi tech motor club.

In his own words...
  • Why are all my dreams so LAME?!
  • I want you to satisfy my hearts desire... No wait! I changed my mind!
  • You've been watching old sports anime again haven't you?