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Type: movie

Vintage: 1987


» occult
» action
» erotic


When desire turns deadly, there's no place to hide
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Wicked City

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Some people don't believe in a spirit world. Some people do believe in one. Then there are people such as Taki who not only believe but they work protecting the world from the renegade demons which come from the spirit world. Most people would say it's crazy to lead such a life, but a guy has to make a living somehow. And for a guy like Taki, a job in the regular world would probably get boring after a while. And so Taki's life is on the line quite often but he's never had a problem with it. But then he got this... partner, from the spirit realm.

Not really an issue for Taki normally, but this demon chick Makei is smoking hot. Although she spends her time modeling normally, she is also a guardian. Models that can kick ass? Yeah they'd have to be from another world. But they didn't team up just for kicks, they also have a job to do. And that job is protecting a lecherous perverted old man for an upcoming treaty between the two worlds. He's also probably the biggest pain in the ass any guardian could imagine.

Chased by demons, partnered with one that's a babe, and trying to cope with some old fart that just wants to get laid - it's amazing Taki isn't a chain smoker within 15 minutes. But there are some other things that aren't adding up the way you would expect them to - and both Taki and Makei are involved more than they realize.

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Is this a hentai title? Actually I'm not sure. I'd say this is one title that skirts that line, however I'm sure you'd have to pick it out of the adult section. If you've seen Demon City Shinjuku, then this is pretty much the same sort of storyline. Demons try to take over the world, blah blah. Now if you were to take Demon City Shinjuku and somehow merge it with a buddy cop show from the 80's and let some really warped person write the script, this is about exactly what you would get.

And when I say it's like an 80's buddy-cop line of show, I'm not kidding because it's almost stereotypical there. The main difference seems to be in the sort of romantic lines that get exposed towards the middle.

Now as for the sex and stuff. Well it's hard to say what this was shooting for. Some of the stuff is sort of disturbing. I mean when some woman is trying to eat a guy with fangs coming out of her junk, you know you must be watching anime. But actually with all of it's sexual undertones, most of it doesn't really take the train of completely bad taste. And by that I mean it never becomes an all out tentacle hentai or anything. So with one or two sexually disturbing elements, but not enough to draw tentacle hentai fans; Wicked City has probably managed to cut itself out of a significant majority of the anime market.

To tell you the truth I actually gravitated towards this anime for reasons I can't explain. The main character Taki just has the sort of attitude that's hard for me not to like. But with all of those things aside, I'd probably implore you to do some research because this film has more than enough haters. Heck I even thought the dubbing was okay, and it seems like that is almost unanimously disliked by all other review sites. I donno, it's not like I'm doing drugs or anything. I mean if I was and I could enjoy everything that sucked I'd think I would be a lot happier in life. Bottom line here is to do more research or get a second opinion. Personally I didn't have any problems with this anime, but maybe I'm insane.

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reviewed by archen in 1998