Animation: Weak
Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Good
Story: Good

Type: TV   (26 episodes)

Vintage: 1997


» occult
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Vampire Princess Miyu - TV

Summary: >

Miyu has traveled Japan for many years looking for the beings known as Shinma. As girl who is gifted/cursed with eternal life, she is forced to transfer from school to school so no one discovers her secret. The latest school transfer seemed like any other, but this time Miyu has managed to make a friend named Chisato. Miyu has always tended to be distant with her eternal life, but this time it appears that friendship is a bit hard to avoid. But with friendship comes increased difficulty in keeping her secret. Even more so when Miyu's rival Reiha keeps poking her nose in Miyu's business.

Thoughts: >

When the OAV was released, you could feel the pain staking quality that went into it. Years later when Vampire Miyu became a TV series you could see the visible drop in all around quality. While the original series had a dark mysterious tone to it, the more modern incarnation struck me as much more... edgy. Each episode is sort of linear but that's really the nature of the series. There are enough twists in the story to keep it interesting. While the character designs were very good, the animation suffered considerably. It's sort of a pity, because if you could couple this series with top quality animation, it would certainly be a gem. As it stands it is sort of mediocre.

All around I find myself sort of indifferent about this series. Personally I watched it because I am such a big fan of the original OAV series. But make no mistake that the TV series is quite different. It is much more like an occult magical girl anime than anything else. Would I recommend it? If you can't find anything else to fill your anime cravings, then I don't think you'll necessarily go wrong with this series, however there are other titles I'd certainly watch first.

If you haven't seen the OAV, definitely check that out.

Quote: >

Chisato: You know Miyu, sometimes you speak like my grandmother...

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reviewed by archen in 2001