Animation: Fair
Depth: Fair
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Fair

Type: OVA   (6 episodes)

Vintage: 1994


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» mecha
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Tekkaman Blade II

Summary: >

In the future the Earth is assaulted by aliens known as the Radam. Leading the onslaught are elite warriros known as Tekkamen. Things looked hopeless for Earth until a young man called D-boy (D is for dangerous - no I'm not making that up) appeared, who transformed into Tekkaman Blade. Blade succeeded in saving the earth, but the Radam are still out there.

Ten years passed, and the Space Knights are the primary line of defense. More Tekkamen are in training, with Blade now a hero remembered in history. As the Radam attacks start anew, the trainees seem ill equipped to cope with the enemy. Will they be able to save the Earth, or is a stronger Tekkaman needed?

Thoughts: >

I wanted a 90s cheese anime, and that's what I got. For the genre it's decent, even some parts were cringe worthy. The transformation sequences in particular get unnecessary after a while (epically with the same theme music each time)

Watching the original Tekkaman Blade is unnecessary since the concept is strait forward. Each episode lays out some new dramatic event, with the climax of a battle between Tekkamen. The story, while a little weak; is supported by a character lineup stronger than expected. Some parts get surreal, like air headed Yumi stumbles around the station to end up in the office of D-Boy. I'm trying to figure out what D-Boy actually does there, because it appears he just hangs out all day with his sun glasses on (indoors mind you) and not talking to anyone. Uh, I want THAT job! There is also a "guy" named "Dead". Guy or girl? No one really knows. I'm still not 100% convinced it's a guy either.

The strangest thing about Tekkaman Blade II is Blade himself. The series starts with many new Tekkamen in training, so you'd assume that's the point of the series. Around half way through D-Boy has enough of their wailing "Wah, we're getting our asses kicked again". You know what? Step aside and let D-Boy show you how things get done. When I was your age I stopped the entire Radam invasion by my self and you didn't hear me whining! Feh, I just cleaned house without breaking a sweat. You kids are just a bunch of cry babies. You see that hot chick who's your boss that all the guys drool over? Yeah I bang that every night. And I get payed more than all you punks combined too!

For the finally, Blade has a showdown, which is a tough fight that doesn't go well. Then Aki gives a speech. You know why Blade will never lose? Because he NEVER gives up.. I'm like, holy crap did I really hear that? He doesn't lose because he doesn't quit? Meanwhile Blade looks like a hairball a cat upchucked into a trash compactor. Yes 90s anime at its finest ^_^

Would I recommend this? For most people no. Tekkaman fans will find it right up their alley, as will mecha anime enthusiasts. For me, I wanted cheesy 90s mecha anime, and I'd that's what I got.

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reviewed by archen in 2001