Animation: Good
Depth: Weak
Design: Excellent
Characters: Fair
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2012


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So I Can't Play H?

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Lisara is from the world of grim reapers who recently entered the domain of humanity. Her task will take time, and she needs energy to sustain her This requires she form a contract with a person to suck out their energy. By chance she encounters Ryosuke and figures he's good enough. A person's power level is determined by what they live for most in life. Ryosuke seems weak at first, but his passion can make him exceptionally powerful. The problem is that Ryosuke's passion in life is derived from being a pervert.

Lisara has problems. Other grim reapers interfering with her mission. There's also a string of monster attacks focused on her. Worse yet in order to deal with both of those situation, she needs more power, and to get that power she has to depend on the perverted whims of Ryosuke.

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In recent times, some shows have started to blur the lines between adult (H) content, and the risque; yet are allowed on broadcast TV (with censorship). I never expected to encounter one, but as they get more popular I guess it's inevitable. I expected this title to be completely terrible, yet the phrase I'd continuously use when describing any aspect of this anime is "I can't believe this doesn't suck". I still find it hard to believe.

The premise is dumb. Really dumb. This isn't a complete affront to all that is good in anime, is because at least it's honest about it. Any time this anime can make a lavish detour showing off the female form, it will do exactly that and it's totally expected. Having a focus on fan service, it's expected other parts of the show would be bad, yet this one does pretty well. For example instead of simply being dumb for laughs, So I Can't Play H is unexpectedly funny.

Past the half way point of the series, So I Can't Play H decides it's going to have a plot. Ryosuke has a hidden power allowing him to defeat main evil villain guy, blah blah blah. That's pretty much what happens so I prepared to write this one off, but then there were 3 episodes left. Wait, shouldn't this be over? Suddenly the world gets very surreal and it's a surprisingly good turn. While ending isn't particularly inspired, it was unpredictable enough that I didn't have it entirely figured out - not bad all things considered.

I should mention the nudity. Yeah, there's tons of it. The girls have their ta-tas hanging out quite often, and the show goes out of its way to show off their bodies. For me this was mainly an eye rolling experience, but not always bad either. The (reaper) girls transform into their costumes in sequences which are imaginative and actually cool to watch. So I Can't Play H is visually appealing including very nice character designs, and also well animated. A show with a concept this dumb really shouldn't be so well produced, funny, and have a passable story like this one does. It's just wrong.

I can't rate this one above average for the same reason I wouldn't watch it in front of another living human being (or possibly dead one either): it's embarrassing. The story is mostly typical for anime (not bad) but the core concept is dumb. And whoa... nudity. If you can get past the nudity part, I'd give this one a shot. So I Can't Play H is never really intelligent (nor does it try to be), yet it's on par with most titles these days.

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Ryosuke: The size of your breasts isn't important. It's the warmth generated by what's behind them.

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reviewed by archen in 2013