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Depth: Bad
Design: Weak
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Type: OVA   (1 episode)

Vintage: 2010


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Sleeping With Hinako

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The series "training together" began with Training With Hinako: an exercise anime DVD. The series now continues with an anime that tries to get you to sleep better: Sleeping with Hinako. Hinako will sleep together with you and offer you the comfort to get a better nights rest. You better be sleeping you pervert!

Thoughts: >

Even after years of being a hardcore anime fan, I wonder if there will ever come a year when I don't say "WTF Japan". I honestly don't think this will ever happen. Enter an anime DVD intended to "help you sleep" better. Just recently it's become fashionable to create video games which encourage you to exercise. In Japan someone figured, hey if you can do that with video games, then why not anime. The first anime features Hinako exercising with you, although with all the cleavage, and underwear shots it's likely you'll be too distracted to exercise. This second video features Hinako sleeping. Wait, so it's a video about her sleeping? Seriously? Well lets find out!

minute 9:00 - she's been sleeping for a while now. While she was playful and for some reason wanted to sleep with me, she eventually did fall asleep. Funny that she tosses and turns as much as I do at first. She sometimes makes cute noises, but her breathing is kinda creeping me out. Ok, turned the volume down, that's better. I'd pay money to see a video of her voice actress performing this in the studio.

minute 18:00 - still sleeping. She's hugging a long pillow now. I expected this to be something like a first person point of view (considering I'm supposed to be asleep), but instead the camera pans across the room and shows various shots of Hinako. It's almost like I'm some omnipotent all seeing being... but stuck in one room. Well if I were a perverted omnipotent being since it seems to show a lot of her underwear.

minute 27:00 - She just had a dream where she thought someone says they like her for a brief moment. Oh, she just realized that I can't sleep. And she's singing a lullaby to help me sleep. That's so cute I don't have the heart to tell her my Japanese isn't good enough to understand what in the hell she's saying.

minute 36:00 - She had another dream sequence. I think these would wake me up if I actually tried this sleeping program. She also confessed her love while half asleep. Does she do this with every guy who buys her video? Hmmm. These must be the special events that can happen through the night. Kinda relieved to see these waking events because it makes me feel less like a stalker. Seriously -_-;

minute 46:00 - There's a few different ways Hinako can wake you up. One where she doesn't want to get up, one where she sluggishly gets up, and the kind of scene typical to the "childhood friend" in anime.


Alright, I have a confession now. I'm watching this the wrong way.

This doesn't actually cover the way the dvd works. What you're supposed to do is pop in the dvd, and go to sleep (along with Hinako). There are also a few special events that may or may not happen randomly, and I think there are even different types of sleep she can partake in - calm, restless, etc. After a period of a few hours (assumably 6-8) she'll wake you in the morning. It's honestly a cute idea, but not something I'd want to partake in. I'd think the TV screen would be more likely to keep me awake than anything.

I don't think the merit to sleeping with Hinako is really sleeping with her, unless you are seriously that crazed and starved for female affection. Being woken by an anime girl might be cute, but I'm not sure I'd want my TV/computer on all night just for that. A silly idea that could only come from Japan, but not the sort of thing that can be simply taken from a fansub, and actually requires the disk to try it properly (which I don't have, and then you run into region code problems with dvd/bluray). Mostly a curiosity worth skipping, and yes she really does sleep most of the time.

Quote: >

Hinako: If I tell people we slept together, will they get the wrong idea?

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reviewed by archen in 2011