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Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2021


» sci-fi
» slice of life
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Remake Our Life

Summary: >

After finding himself unemployed, Kyouya returns to his home town to try finding another job. After falling asleep, he wakes to discover he's 10 years in the past and at a pivotal point in his life. Everything changed after he decided to not attend an art college. Considering how his life ended up last time, he gives the art school a try.

Things are going well enough, although he finds his roommates will become some of the most influential and talented artists in the future. What kinds of opportunities will Kyouya have being around such people. What are the consequences of them being around him long term?

Thoughts: >

I wasn't especially interested in this anime at first but I felt it came around over time. However despite me starting to get into it, I felt it landed with a resounding thud where it stops.

At first this anime seems to go nowhere. Kyouya hits a low point in his life, then wakes up 10 years in the past. Nothing much happens at college aside from him working through a few problems with his circle of friends. It's okay, but just okay.

Then Kyouya jumps forward 10 years to a new future but finds his college friends destined to become great artists has basically failed in one way or another. In a strange twist, Kyouya had helped them through their problems but in solving things for them; the struggle that previously caused them to grow wasn't there; thus snuffing out that spark which grew them as artists.

I expected after this reveal the anime would go back in time but instead it lingers in the future. I enjoyed that a lot, as it gives time to really explore the characters indirectly, as Kyouya reflects on how he changed their future and why that happened. He gets the chance to return, but in a touching segment spends time with his daughter he never had before and will never see again before going back.

By this point I felt this anime had turned things around with good enough depth and thoughtfulness in its story to be worth watching. Then it just ends. I feel this really cripples this anime a lot. I can't say if this will be a problem long term and I guess that depends how much more of this anime is made (if any and if it concludes). Maybe I've been watching too many harem shows (I do review anime so cut me some slack here), but I think this show could achieve greatness if a different timeline with each girl could be explored with the depth shown so far. Or guys too. That said, the pace on this show is just too slow for that and it would take 50 episodes to get there and the result would just be laborious after a point. I still feel like with a few more episodes, or even better a conclusion; this anime could be well worth the watch. I just don't feel that way now.

Quote: >

Kyouya: Whether it's 10 years in the past or 10 years in the future, time is limited either way. I have to make sure I have no regrets or nothing will change at all.

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reviewed by archen in 2023